Egypt tourism

Egypt Tourism – Attractions, Places, and Activities

Egypt tourism

Egypt is one of the most Arab countries that has many amazing tourist places in many Egyptian cities, it has historical and cultural and coastal places thus Egypt tourism is always unparalleled.  Egypt is full of tourist cities that have all the characteristics. Besides, its weather that attracted many tourists especially from Europe to enjoy their holidays in Egypt. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about Egypt tourism and Egypt tourism places.

Egypt tourism

Egyptian tourism is all around the year because Egypt has main characteristics that attract tourists from all over the world such as:

1- Mild weather affected Egyptian tourism

Most of the year the weather is mild, especially its winter is amazing weather for European tourists.

2- Great civilization affected Egyptian tourism

Egypt has a great civilization that all the world has heard about it as the Ancient Egyptian civilization left many historical monuments. We will talk about many Egypt tourist places that attracted many tourists from all over the world.

3- Convenience Location affected Egyptian tourism

Egypt’s location is in the middle east near Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Besides, Egypt also is near Asia through the red sea.

4- Various Egypt tourism package increased the Egyptian tourism

You will find many tourism companies with various Egypt tour packages to many Egypt tourism places. So, you can choose which package suits your interest and your budget.

Egypt tourism places

There are many tourist places that you can enjoy visiting such as:

First: Giza city Egypt tourism places

1- The Pyramids

Pyramids of Giza in Cairo Egypt tourism

Giza Pyramids are the main attraction in Egypt, the building is still a mystery for all the world. In addition, it dates back more than 3000 years and it proves many scientific theories. Besides, the Sphinx Statue which represents the power of the Ancient Egyptians in many fields of life.

2- Grand Egyptian Museum

All the world is waiting for the opening of the grand Egyptian Museum. Besides, it has many fantastic monuments dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization.

3- Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village is a famous tourist attraction that embodied ancient Egyptian life. So, it has the same characteristics as the ancient Egyptian civilization. In addition, it includes Agriculture, workers and pharaohs wear pharaonic clothes

Second: Cairo city Egypt tourism places

1- The Egyptian Museum

It is one of the old museums that was built before all the museums in the world. Besides, it includes more than 180 thousand pieces. Its location is in the city center of Cairo in Tahrir square and it attracts thousands of tourists worldwide.

2- Cairo tower

Cairo Tower Egypt tourism

Cairo Tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in the heart of the capital. It is in the heart of Zamalek Island, so it has another name which is island Tower. Its height is 187 m, and it has 16 floors and various restaurants. From its top, you can see Egypt and its landmarks in its form.

3- Khan Al-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili Cairo Egypt tourism

Khan Al-Khalili is the oldest market in the middle east as it dates back 600 years. In addition, it still has its old characteristics of the building. Moreover, There is a Novel by the famous author Nageeb Mahfouz is derived from Khan El Khalili Market. Don’t miss this chance and visit it and enjoy the Khan Al-Khalili atmosphere.

Third: Luxor city Egypt tourism places

1- Karnak Temple

Luxor hotels, resorts, and temples

There are many temples in Luxor city, the most important of which is the Karnak Temple on the eastern side, which includes more than one temple and many beautiful Pharaonic columns. In addition, they add many buildings later in each era, as it was built in the Pharaonic era and expanded in the Roman era.

2- Luxor Temple

Luxor hotels, resorts, and temples

It is one of the main temples in Luxor which was the capital of ancient Egypt. So, Luxor temple is full of many great buildings with many prescriptions on its walls. Besides, it was dedicated to Amon and his wife and their son Khunsu. Moreover, it was built in 1400 B.D. The most important thing about Luxor temple is that it has many buildings from each dynasty as each Pharoah added building prescriptions.

Forth: Aswan city Egypt tourism places

1- Temple of Kom Ombo

Aswan hotels, resorts, and temples

It is one of the amazing temples that you must visit to enjoy in Aswan. Besides, its building and fantastic construction. In addition, its prescriptions embody daily life. Moreover, later many kings renovated it and added building through the dynasties by the kings.

2- Philae temple

Philae temple in Aswan

Philae temple is located on Philae island which is located in the center of the Nile river. It has amazing construction however it was transferred by the UNESCO organization to Angelica Island due to the danger of building the high dam.

Fifth: Sharm el-Sheikh city Egypt tourism places

1- Soho Square

Soho square

Soho Square is one of the most important areas that you must visit in Sharm El Sheikh, as it is considered an integrated place. In addition to the dancing fountain and the wonderful view, you can also buy souvenirs from the market there, such as papyrus.

2- Naama Bay

Neama bey

Naama Bay is one of the new famous destinations as it has a great water view and amazing weather. Many local and foreign tourists visit it and enjoy diving and snorkelling as well and many other activities.

3- Hollywood Sharm El-Sheikh

Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most entertaining areas that you can enjoy in the evening. Where there are many entertainment places and luxurious restaurants, and it also has a charming view.

Seventh: Hurghada city Egypt tourism places

1- Hurghada grand aquarium

This is one of the most amazing places in Hurghada where you will enjoy many entertainments. Besides, you will have a great adventure with many sea creatures in the underwater tunnel and also the marine aquarium. Don’t miss this amazing experience at Hurghada grand aquarium.

2- El-Gouna resort

It is one of the most famous tourist resorts that has been developed in the last few years and became an amazing place with many facilities. In addition, it has many famous hotels and amazing Natural views.

3- Siwa Oasis


Siwa Oasis is one of the main Egypt medical tourism as many tourists come to Siwa Oasis to get benefit from the sailty water such as Kelopatra salty water in Sinai governorate. Besides, sand can cure many diseases. Thus, Egypt has various places for different types of tourism.

In conclusion, Egypt tourism statistics is usually proving that it is one of the first Arab countries that attract tourists. Besides, it has amazing weather that lets many tourists resort to Egypt especially in winter as its winter is warm.


Is Egypt open for travel now?

Yes, Egypt is open for travel now especially after the exchange rate makes it cheaper for Europe and American as well.

Is Egypt cheap tourism?

Yes, Egypt nowadays is cheaper due to the exchange rate, so you can enjoy many facilities with cheap prices.

Can you go inside the Sphinx?

Many tourists are eager to get inside the Sphinx and its possible during the tour packages they reserved.

Is Philae temple worth visiting?

Absolutely, Philae temple worth visiting since it is one of the most astonishing temple on an island on the Nile river. So, you will enjoy the history, construction and the nature as well.