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Location on Dahab Arabic city

It’s one of the new cities among Arabic cities and is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt (in the Asian part) in the Governorate of South Sinai, located on the Gulf of Aqaba, 100 km away from the wonderful city of Sharm El Sheikh and 87 km from the Egyptian city of Nuweiba. It is primarily a tourist city and is divided into two villages in the north of the city, which is the soul of the city and its pulse.

It includes the commercial markets, bazaars, shopping places, and the south of the city, which is called Al-Asala and is characterized by the simple Bedouin life. Dahab with its golden sands and its pure and beautiful pristine beaches. Dahab hotels are also distinguished by their distinguished service and luxury.

Why is it called by that name?

It is said that at sunset the color of the water becomes golden due to its purity among other Arabic cities.

How to travel to Dahab

If you want to travel by plane (Cairo / Sharm El-Sheikh) Then the car will take a distance of one hundred kilometers to Dahab, which will take about an hour and a quarter.

If you want to travel to Dahab by land, the road will be (Cairo / Suez / Ras Sidr / El Tour / Sharm El Sheikh / Dahab, passing through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel at the bottom of the Suez Canal) and the distance is estimated at about 700 km.

Dahab’s climate

Asian climate The average temperature in the city throughout the year is 29 degrees Celsius. The city of Dahab has wonderful weather in winter, as it is considered winter, where the weather is nice and the sun is shining. The average brightness of the sun in the city is about 10 hours per day, and this is a great feature, and you can swim during the day.

History of the city of Dahab

The city had been occupied since 1967 AD by the Israeli side, and it was returned and handed over to the Egyptian government in 1982 AD. She began to pay special attention to making it a tourist city and a destination for tourists, so she established high-end Dahab hotels, tourist villages, and bazaars, and paid special attention to its landmarks, sanctuaries, and beaches after it was a small village visited by fishermen and Bedouins lived in. It is worth noting that the Bedouins still live in the city even after its development, they are the original inhabitants of the city.

Tourist places in Dahab

There are many wonderful and famous tourist places in Dahab, such as:

Nabq Nature Reserve

A wonderful place located between the city of Sharm El Sheikh and the city of Dahab, located on the Gulf of Aqaba, with an area of ​​about 600 square kilometers. Part of it is on land, estimated at 440 square kilometers, and the rest is about 130 square kilometers in the water area. It was officially declared a nature reserve in 1992 AD.

It is an attractive area for tourists from diving and safari enthusiasts and watching birds and wild animals, and that reserve has a mountainous desert nature. When you visit the reserve, you can see wild animals such as deer, foxes, and Nubian camels. You can also see colorful fish and coral reefs of wonderful colors at the bottom of the bay in this area, and there are also types of rodents and reptiles.

The lands of Nabq Reserve include 134 species of rare plants, about 86 of which have already completely disappeared in other areas. The most famous of these plants is the mangrove plant, which is an important area for the breeding of fish and invertebrates.

Abu Galum Reserve

It is called Wadi Al-Rassa, and it is also located on the Gulf of Aqaba, and it has a wonderful special feature, which is close to the mountains with the beach, and this makes the view amazing. The reserve is famous for having a cave system underwater that reaches 100 meters, but it is unstable. It also has coral reefs, colorful fish, seagrass, birds, and wild plants, of which there are 165 species, 44 of which are found only in that reserve.

The blue hole

It is for adventure lovers and lovers of diving, a terrible adventure, we may advise you not to accept it because of the occurrence of multiple deaths during the adventure.

The Blue Hole is a deep hole or well (basement) in the Red Sea, with a depth of 130 meters, with a shallow opening 6 meters wide, known as the saddle, and an opening for exiting the blue hole or well into the open sea called the arc in the form of a long tunnel of 26 meters. It is this area that attracts divers, as the sight of the arc that connects the open sea with the blue hole draws them in, as it contains wonderful, charming, and wondrous views in itself, where the sights of light formations, plants, and marine animals, and the meeting of the mountain with the sea that the mind does not forget.

This area is one of the most interesting diving activities for divers, but it is dangerous because it contains a number of deadly caves, which appear less deep than they really are. This area contains coral, charming coral reefs, various types of fish, and a lot of magic and excitement, but we will warn you a lot before embarking on this adventure.

Al-Asla area

It is a popular village in Dahab city, which is inhabited by about 75% of the population of Dahab and is divided into three residential neighborhoods (Al-Asla – Al-Zarnouk – Mubarak City).

Laguna area

It is the only sandy beach in the city and represents a terrible attraction for divers because the water in this area contains precious treasures and wonderful underwater views, and this area also contains a limited number of hotels and diving centers.

Coral Island

It is located near the Palestinian border and had a castle built by the Crusaders during the Crusades. The remains of the castle are still present so far. You can visit this place and see it.

Masbat area

this area extends from Al-Fanar Street to Masbat Bay. It is considered the main commercial area in Dahab and has a large group of hotels, cafeterias, shops, and diving clubs.

El Garden

It represents a wonderful painting and super fun for diving enthusiasts. It is located in the north of Dahab and contains countless swarms of colorful fish that cover the sea floor amidst blocks of wonderful coral reefs.

Melil area

This area contains some small hotels and is located on the coast parallel to Dahab.


an area that contains a large variety of rare fish that you like to see.
Recreational activities in the city of Dahab:

scuba diving

Of course, after all this previous information, it becomes clear to us that diving is the most important sport and tourist activity in the city of Dahab. It contains more than 30 diving centers and is characterized as the cheapest in the Sinai. If you are a diving lover, you will find great fun in the city of Dahab that you may not find anywhere. else.

yoga Dahab

With its refreshing atmosphere and yellow sand, is an ideal place to practice yoga and meditation, and there are yoga classes in Dahab.

Parachute jumping
A wonderful and beautiful sport, and in Dahab there are centers to teach parachuting of all kinds.


It is the right and safe place to practice this fun sport on windsurfing boards and gliders. There are also pedal boats, water bikes, and rowing boats in Dahab.

rock climbing
This sport is also found in Dahab, where you can go to Wadi Janai and enjoy the fun sport of rock climbing.

This is a famous sport that seduces a large number of tourists, and it is a type of safari sport, beauty safari, or car safari.

The shopping
You can shop in Dahab for shopaholics, there are many bazaars containing souvenirs, jewelry, silver, and handmade carpets. One of the most famous of these markets is Ghazala Market, which contains all you need of spices, herbs, and cutlery.

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