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Global Village in Dubai


The city of Dubai is one of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates in the continent of Asia, with an area of ​​about 3,890 square kilometers, and an estimated population of about 1,800,000 people according to 2010 statistics, and it is the largest city in the UAE federation, located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, Its economic importance comes from the activity of the tourism sector in it, in addition to international trade, oil, gold and diamond trade, and in the city of Dubai there are many recreational facilities and tourist activities to obtain entertainment and pleasure and learn about different civilizations and shopping, and examples of recreational places to visit are Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and the Global Village.

Global Village in Dubai

Global Village is located in Dubai on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in the Emirate of Dubai, and it is the largest tourism, shopping, and entertainment project in the whole world.
Visitors participate from various places around the world, as it is the first cultural destination in the UAE city of Dubai, in which entertainment, entertainment, and shopping can be obtained as well, as it is possible to learn about the various world civilizations, their customs, and traditions in one place, and a family visit to the village with family or friends can be made or visited individually with a view to tourism, and the estimated number of tourists visiting the global village is about more than 5 million visitors from local citizens and foreign tourists, and of the global village area is about 1,600 kilometers square and will be paid $ 15 AED fee for entry to the global village.

Divisions of the Global Village in Dubai

At the end of October of each year, the Global Village in Dubai opens its various activities and activities in front of millions of visitors and tourists from different countries of the world, and the Global Village continues to offer activities until April of the following year

Among the most prominent sections of the Global Village are the following:

  • The events in which the various event shows are held.
  • The concerts that many celebrities from Arab and foreign countries present.
  • Carnivals showcase the different cultures of the participating countries.
  • Food and shopping and you can sample different foods from the countries participating in the global village. The most prominent event.

The most prominent events in the Global Village

There are many events and shows that can be seen in the Global Village in Dubai that reflect the development of the different civilizations of the countries participating in this huge festival, and enjoy all the events and parties that take place in the village during the opening of its season in the winter season. Comes:

  • Turkish Dresses and Skirts: The Turkish Pavilion is one of the most famous wings in the Global Village, where Turkish clothes, Turkish food, and Turkish coffee are displayed, and anyone can buy what they like from the distinctive Turkish suite.
  • Yemen and Oman honey and sweets: The finest types of honey from the Arabian Peninsula can be obtained from Yemen and Oman, and there are many flavors that can be tasted with honey, and buy any quantity of this luxurious honey.
  • The Egyptian Pavilion: There are many colorful scarves and dresses and all kinds of Egyptian sweets, in addition to the loud Arabic music that reflects the culture of the Egyptian people.
  • Antiques from India: This is characterized by its beautiful tranquility, and you can buy many antiques, old watches, faded books, wooden boxes, and everything that is old, and you can also buy distinctive Indian spices.
  • Emirates and Saudi perfumes: can be smelled when entering the global village, and there are the best types of traditional incense and perfumes with various original scents that indicate the splendor of the two peoples, and any quantity of perfumes can be purchased and free samples can be obtained as well.
  • Iranian saffron: It is one of the finest types of saffron in the world, which can be bought from the Iranian wing and try it with honey or rice or even with sweet