Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Tourism in Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the most visited countries in the world, as it mainly offers religious tourism to Muslims. In addition, it possesses tourism potentials that attract tourists, as it owns many historical, cultural and military museums. More than 12 million tourists visit the country annually since 2013, […]

Wadi Hanifa

Wadi Hanifa Wadi Hanifa enjoys a distinguished geographical location in the continent of Asia, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is located in the middle of the Najd plateau near the capital, Riyadh. Wadi Hanifa is considered a natural water drain, with an area of more than 4,000 km², while its height […]

Things to Do in Amman

Things to Do in Amman Amman Attractions Roman Theater It represents the Roman theater that could have been built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius in the second century AD; To hold shows and competitions, it is one of the most important historical and tourist attractions in the city of Amman, and […]

Raouche Rock

Raouche Rock The Raouche Rock is one of the most important natural tourist destinations, as it is characterized by its beauty and height. The visitor can see the huge numbers of gulls and doves that inhabit the rock, and feed on the herbs and plants that float on its surface, and the splendor of its […]

Kings of Saudi Arabia

Kings of Saudi Arabia Kingdom Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country in Asia on the Arabian Peninsula, and it is the country where the Kaaba (the Qiblah of Muslims) and Medina are located.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has passed through three historical stages, namely, the first Saudi state, the […]

Most beautiful Arab Country | Morocco

Most beautiful Arab Country | Morocco The popular tourist site Trip Advisor has released its annual list of the best tourist destinations in the world for 2015, and the Maghreb was the only Arab country on this list.Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful Arab countries, because it contains many cultures that merge with […]

Cities of Palestine whose people have been displaced

Cities of Palestine whose people have been displaced Jaffa City The city of Jaffa, located seven kilometers south of the mouth of the Auja River, and sixty kilometers northwest of Jerusalem, is one of the oldest Palestinian coastal cities on the Mediterranean Sea. The Zionist entity occupied it in the year one thousand nine hundred […]

Bahrain islands

Bahrain islands | Bahrain natural tourist islands Al Dar Island Al Dar Island is an 8-minute boat ride from Sitra Island, it is a destination for anyone who wants to enjoy their vacation in a quiet atmosphere, as the island includes many recreational services, as in the north of the island there are basketball and […]

Lebanon | History , Climate , Language & Religion

Lebanon The Republic of Lebanon is an Arab country with Beirut as its capital, located on the shore overlooking the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the most densely populated countries.It was declared a republic in 1926, and in 1946, Lebanon gained its independence after the French mandate. Lebanon’s history Lebanon […]


Marrakech Marrakesh is located in the southern part of the state of Morocco, 327 km from the capital of Morocco, Rabat.The city rises about 450 meters above sea level, has an area of about 230 square kilometers, and a population of more than one million people. It is the third largest city in Morocco in […]