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The city of Oran is located northwest of Algeria on a bay overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It has the second largest port in Algeria after the port of Algiers. It’s now an Arabic city.
The city of Oran is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world because of its views of the coast, the port and the cliffs around it, and the luxurious tourist facilities and services it provides for tourists, in addition to its fame for its wooded street bordered by restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops.

The most important landmarks in the tourist city of Oran

The Algerian city of Oran is famous for many tourist attractions, the most important of which are the following:

Mount Marjago: Mount Marjago appears everywhere in the city, and can be reached to enjoy the best view of the city, and visit the Church of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Castle built by the Spaniards at the end of the sixteenth century AD.

Bay Palace: The Palace of the Bey opens its doors to visitors to enjoy watching its majestic gates, walls, and ornate ceilings, a palace on which several civilizations succeeded; It was built in the forties of the fourteenth century AD by Sultan Abu Hassan, and the Spaniards stormed it in 1509 AD when the Ottomans entered it in the eighteenth century, then the French took control of it in the nineteenth century, and it was inhabited by the Great Bey Muhammad in 1792 AD.

Ahmed Zabana National Museum: The museum is located in Oran, Algeria, and is named after the Algerian national hero Ahmed Zabana who was executed by the French on May 19, 1956, in Algiers.
The museum includes sculptures, mosaics, and paintings by Algerian and French artists. It also contains a natural history section that provides for giant crabs, squids, and sharks caught from the Gulf of Oran. The museum also includes studies on mythological subjects dating back to the eighteenth century AD.

Hassan Pasha Mosque: The Hassan Pasha Mosque, also called the Pasha Mosque or the Great Mosque was built in 1796 by Baba Hassan, Pasha of Algeria, in memory of the expulsion of the Spaniards. During the French invasion of Algeria in 1830, French soldiers occupied the mosque during their conquest
of Algeria as their residence. 5 years after the French invasion, in 1835.

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