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Luxor is one of the oldest Egyptian cities, as it was considered the main capital of Egypt in
ancient times, and it was named by that name due to the large number of temples and
palaces in it, and it was also called the city of the hundred gates, the city of light, and the
city of the sun

Luxor is located on the banks of the Nile River, which divided it into two parts: the eastern
and western mainland, and away from Cairo, about 670 km away, and it is considered one of
the most attractive tourist areas in Egypt.


Luxor is considered one of the tourist cities that attract tourists. The city’s population is approximately 506,588 people. Due to its historical importance and architectural sites,
tourism is the first economic activity in it, in addition to agriculture, such as the production of sugar cane.

Archaeological monuments in Luxor

Luxor temple:
Luxor Temple is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian temples, built during the reign of
King Imhotep the Third, and it is considered one of the most important landmarks of the city.
It is visited by tourists because it contains the monument of King Ramses II.

Valley of the Kings:
The Valley of the Kings is known as the Valley of the Kings, it is located on the west bank
of the city of Luxor, and it is a cemetery used to bury the pharaohs, and among the
pharaohs buried in this valley: Tutankhamun and Ramses III.

Colossi of Memnon:
They were handcrafted from yellowish-brown sandstone, located on a cube-shaped throne,
and they were about 15 meters high, and 18 meters apart from each other.

Karnak :
It consists of a group of beautiful temples, which were created thousands of years ago, and
the temples also include statues that embody the god Amun, his wife and his son, who is
called Karnak, meaning the fort.