Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

The Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic civilization is one of the main concerns of the entire world due to its greatness and achievements and monuments such as the Giza Pyramids Complex and Abu Simple temple, Ramses II is one of the most famous Pharaohs in all the pharaonic civilization. We will tell you in this article all you need to know about the great ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II and all his secrets.

When was the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II born?

Ramses ii Egyptian pharaoh warrior and builder was born in 1303 B.C. And he was the son of king Sity I the pharaoh of Egypt.

What is the meaning of Ramses?

Ramses is a pharaonic name with hieroglyphic language which has two parts Ra-Meses. The first part is “God Raa” while the second part is “Son”. So, the full name means “Son of God Raa.

What is Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II best known for?

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

He was mainly known as Ramses elder, the third Pharaoh of the kings of the ninth dynasty. In addition, he is the most famous pharaoh in all the pharaonic dynasties. Moreover, they called him the great ancestor.

When did Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II rule Egypt?

Ramses II ruled Egypt after his father Sity I in 1291 B.C. till his death in 1213 B.C.. He ruled since his teenage years so his reign was about 78 years. His father appointed him as a prince regent.

Ramses II tomb

His tomb was in the Valley of the Kings; however, Ramses ii mummy was transferred to the royal cache. It was discovered in 1881 A.m. by Jaston Maspero.

Nowadays, Ramses ii mummy is in the National Egyptian Museum.

Ramses II family

King Sity I was his father and he died in 1290 B.C. and Queen Tuba was his mother.

How many wives did Ramses ii have?

Nefrtary temple wife of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II married many wives some from the royal family like Queen Nfr-tary and Queen West-nfrt besides; he married the daughter of King Kheta who is called Ma’at-nfro-ra. After Nfrtary death, Ramses II built a temple for her which is at Abu-simple.

Sons and daughters of Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II got many sons and daughters more than 100. the most known are Amun-her-khepsef, Ramesses, Pareherwenemef, Khaemwaset, Merneptah, Meryatum, Bintanath, and Merit amen, Nebettawy, Henuttawy.

The most important one is Kha’muas as his father pointed him as a prince regent. However, he died earlier so after Ramses II death his other son Mernbtah from his wife Queen west-nfrt.

Who ruled Egypt after Ramses II?

King Mernbtah son of Ramses II ruled Egypt after the death of his father Ramsis II.

What did Ramses II do for Egypt?

Ramses II ruled Egypt for about 78 years, so he led many military campaigns. When he was 14 years old, he went with his father during his father’s reign to Libya and Nubian countries, and the Levant. So, after his father’s death, he became the king of Egypt. Besides, he made great efforts to secure the borders of Egypt. He led Military campaigns in the Levant and he controlled it all. In addition, he also led a military campaign in Nubian countries.

Battle of Kadesh

  • King Seti I began his campaigns against the Hittites to recover the lands of the ancient Egyptian state, as, during the Akhenaten revolution for religious monotheism, the Hittites seized large parts of Asia. Therefore, Seti I began his campaigns, and his son Ramsis II joined him, his son. Until Ramses II took the throne and began a sophisticated military plan to maintain Egypt’s lands and influence.
  • The battle of Kadesh with the Hittites took place with a great army, but the Hittites practiced their tricks and sent two spies as if they were crossing the road to tell Ramses false news about the location of their army, which made the Hittites the opportunity to have the upper hand in the battle, then Ramses II tried to restore his authority.
  • The inscriptions on the monuments of temples prove his greatness in the battle of Kadesh. And also he made the first treaty. between Egypt and the Hittites, and Egypt restored its influence and power over the neighboring countries and Asian lands.

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II Monuments

Abu Simbel temple

Abu Simbel Temple Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II
  • Ramses II built many monuments and constructions; Abu simple temple is the most famous. He built it in the south of Egypt nowadays called Aswan on the west side of the Lake of Nasser.
  • It has great importance as it is a carving in the rock with very huge statues in the front of the temple where millions of tourists visit to enjoy this amazing construction.
  • Not only did that amaze the world but also there are other interesting facts about Ramses II’s temple. As the engineer of that great building built it with measures that enable the sun to be perpendicular to the face of the statue of Ramses II twice a year the first on October 22 and the second on February 22.
  • The entire world waits to watch this fascinating phenomenon as many tourists visit Egypt Luxor and Aswan to enjoy the amazing monuments and temples there, besides Abu simple temple which is one of the main destinations for tourists.

Ramesseum Temple

  • The Temple of Ramesseum is the funerary temple of Ramses II. Its location is on the western bank of Luxor city nowadays in Upper Egypt. Luxor has third of the world’s monuments.
  • It consists of many of the famous Osiris arcades and columns in this era of ancient Egyptian history. It also has many distinctive inscriptions such as inscriptions on the ceiling of the golden star. There are some broken pillars, but it still retains its huge solid base. There is also a colossal statue of Ramses II, the greatest king of Egypt, and the most built temples.

Is Ramses II the pharaoh of Moses?

  • There is no evidence proving that Ramses II and Moses were in the same dynasty.
  • Many are wondering Was Ramses II a good pharaoh? Or Was Ramses ii cruel? And if he is the pharaoh of prophet Moses peace be upon him or not but till now all evidence proves that he is not the pharaoh of Moses as of the dates that he got the throne is different from the date of Moses.

In conclusion, Egypt has great history and civilization that tourists visit from all over the world to enjoy the great ancient history of Egyptian pharaohs and also enjoy the fantastic nature as in Hurghada city and the Sinai peninsula. You will never regret visiting Egypt and enjoying construction for more than thousands of years.