Author: Riham Saeed

Historical places in Taif

Taif city in Saudi Arabia Taif City in Saudi Arabia Taif, also spelled Ta’if or Taif, is a historic city located in the western region of Saudi Arabia, we will tell you more about the most important historical places in Taif. History of Taif city in Saudi Arabia Read more about: Tourism in Saudi Arabia […]

Pharaohs of Egypt | Info and Timeline

Ancient pharaohs of Egypt The ancient pharaohs of Egypt were the rulers of the Egyptian pharaonic civilization throughout its long history. They held immense power and also divine figures, serving as Egypt’s political and religious leaders. These are all the pharaohs of Egypt: Narmer (First pharaoh of Pharaohs of Egypt) Narmer, or “Menes”, is the […]

Saudi Arabia Rulers and Ruling System in KSA

Saudi Arabia rulers The ruling system in Saudi Arabia is based on the principles of Islamic law, known as Sharia, and the country’s constitution is the Quran, so we will tell you all you need to know about Saudi Arabia rulers 1. Saudi Arabia was officially founded on September 23, 1932. When Abdulaziz Ibn Saud […]