Author: Riham Saeed

Egypt Agriculture

Egypt Agriculture is one of the great fields of the economy that has begun thousands of years. The ancient Egyptian civilization managed the agriculture sector by using the Nile River and planting various crops. Besides nowadays, Egypt is exporting many crops which proves its success in the agriculture sector. In addition, many factors helped Egypt […]

Things to do in Zamalek

Zamalek is one of the most amazing districts since there are many things to do in Zamalek. In addition, it is characterized by its view overlooking the Nile River. Moreover, Zamalek has many cultural places to experience and also many restaurants and cafĂ© to enjoy tasting various types of dishes. Besides, in many places, there […]

Chefchaouen blue city

Chefchaouen blue city in Morocco is one of the most interesting Arab cities that have a special atmosphere. Besides, it has special blue colour everywhere which will let you enjoy the colour with nature and the sea. In addition, there are many places to visit and enjoy nature and old architecture. So, we will tell […]

Ajman tourist places

Ajman is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Arab Emirates, besides there are many Ajman tourist places to visit. Ajman is famous for its nature, as nature is one of the most famous attractions that many tourists love to enjoy. In addition, there are many tourist places to visit, so we will […]

Salalah city tour

Salalah city is one of the most beautiful cities in the Arab countries that have a wonderful landscape that is worth visiting, so we will tell you about Salalah city tour. In addition, Salalah has amazing weather that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Besides, it has a great history that dates back […]

Old Sanaa city

Old Sanaa city is one the oldest Arab cities, it dates back more than 2000 years. Besides, it has a vast area full of buildings and mosques which is characterized by its great architecture. In addition, UNESCO has added the old city of Sana’a to its list of World Heritage Sites in Danger. So, we […]

Arabic dialects list

The Arabic language has been affected by many factors in each Arab country that led to other dialects that are derived from the Arabic language, so we will tell you The Arabic dialects list. There are many similarities between the Arabic dialects, however, each dialect has its features. Let’s see how these dialects began and […]

Most famous Arabian horses

There are many breeds of horses all over the world, however, these are the best type of horses. As it is the oldest breed, dating back to 500 years BC. Besides, the origin of its breeding is the desert regions of the Arab region. In addition, it is the most expensive horse in the world. […]

Ancient Arabian cities

The Arab countries have the oldest civilization in the world such as the pharaonic Egyptian civilization, Sumerian civilization, and Islamic civilization, so we will tell you a list of the ancient Arabian cities. These cities are the oldest cities in the Arab world that was the cradle of civilizations. List of Ancient Arabian cities There […]

Khan El Khalili Cairo

Egypt is full of amazing historical sites, Khan El-Khalili Cairo is one of the main old destinations that many tourists visit from all over the world. In addition, it is the old market and bazaar in the middle east as it dates back 600 years ago. The Mamluk architecture is the main characteristic of the […]