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The Arabic Shawarma

The Arabic Shawarma The Arab world is famous for its many delicious dishes, and the best of these delicious and fast meals at the same time is the Arabic shawarma. In addition, it is characterized by an unparalleled taste and many benefits. And also the Arabs are famous for it, especially in Syria, as it […]

The Arabic bread

Arabic bread There are various types of bread in the Arab world that has its unique ingredients and taste, so we will inform you in this article about the Arabic bread. In addition, it is bread, the first and main (and perhaps the only) food for millions of poor people around the world… and likewise […]

Arabic sweets

Arabic sweets Arabs are famous for many types of Arabic sweets, especially oriental sweets and western sweets. Where eastern sweets are meant for the Levant, as they are located in the east of the Arab world. While Western sweets include the countries of Morocco, due to the presence of many types and shapes, which are […]

Arabic desserts

Arabic desserts When talking about Arabic desserts, you will find many, many delicious recipes for sweets. In addition, Arab countries have many famous desserts. In this article, we will tell you about the most delicious Arabic sweets and how to make them. Basbousa Arabic dessert Ingredients of Basbousa from the Arabic desserts Semolina (500g) Steps […]

Arabic restaurants near me in new Cairo

Arabic restaurants near me in new Cairo New Cairo is full of various cuisine restaurants, Thus if you are wondering what are the best Arabic restaurants near me in new Cairo. In this article, we will find the best restaurants, so that you can enjoy an amazing tasing experience. Egypt is famous for its great […]

Best Arabic restaurants near me in Dubai

Best Arabic restaurants near me in Dubai Wondering which Arabic restaurants are near me in Dubai! Don’t worry; Dubai is full of all entertainment methods. It includes shopping, Beaches, hotels and restaurants as well. It is full of various restaurant categories; there are more than 7000 restaurants in Dubai. Dubai government is usually planning to […]

Kuboos special Arab food

Kuboos special Arab food The Arab countries are characterized by the most delicious dishes and the most famous baked goods, in addition to the amazing desserts, however, Kuboos special Arab food. Kuboos Arabic bread is one of the most famous types of bread due to its irresistible taste, and it can be made in any […]

Sharjah history and tourist attractions

Sharjah history and tourist attractions The Emirate of Sharjah is the third most important among the seven emirates in the area, so we will talk in this article about Sharjah’s history and tourist attractions. The most distinguishing characteristics of this wonderful city are its ancient history and rich culture. The cultural buildings and towers in […]