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Where is Qatar located?

General information about the State of Qatar and where is Qatar located Location of Qatar Where is Qatar located? The State of Qatar is located in the middle of the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, east of the Arabian Peninsula, between latitudes (24-27 and 26-10 North) and longitudes (50-45 and 51-40 East Greenwich). On […]

Outstanding Middle Eastern men

Men have played an important role in the Middle Eastern area, as they had a vital role in many fields of life, besides they affect the Arab world and all the world as well, we will tell you all you need to know about the outstanding Middle Eastern men. Moreover, Middle Eastern countries have passed […]

Middle Eastern women in the Arab world

Women have proved their proficiency in many fields in Middle Eastern countries, as Middle Eastern women in the Arab world have many famous effective women in history, science, and also politics. In addition, she played many vital roles in the family, the political, and economic fields. So, we will tell you all you need to […]

Arabic numbers

Arabic numbers are the most common global numbers currently. Moreover, the first to discover them were Arab scientists, and also one of the most important Arab Muslim scholars is Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, the founder of algebra, as well as the discoverer of zero and the Arabic numbers. Therefore, in this article, we will tell […]

Arab celebrities

Arab celebrities There are many Arab celebrities in the Arab world who have become world famous. Arab celebrities have the charisma and distinguished presence until their reach spread all over the world. There are many famous people in different fields such as acting, sports, singing, and politics. In this article, we will tell you about […]

Arab football players

Arab football players Arab has been famous in many fields all over the world, as there are many Arab football players from different Arab countries around the world that have proved Arabs successful in football. Besides, the most famous worldwide football player is Mohamed Salah an Egyptian Arab. So, we will tell you more about […]

The Arabian people

The Arabian people The Arabian people are one of the oldest peoples. Each Arab country has a great civilization, a heritage they are proud of. Besides traditions that they adhere to. Therefore, this article will tell you everything about the Arabs. The Arabian people are the oldest peoples There is evidence that the Arabs are […]

Arabic names with the meaning

Arabic names with the meaning There are many Arabic names used all over the world, not only in Arab countries, so we will inform you of the most famous Arabic names with their meaning for boys and girls. Arab names are distinguished by their uniqueness and their origin in the Arabic language, thus we have […]

Arabic alphabet letters

Arabic alphabet letters Arabic alphabet letters are one of the most valuable letters in the world due to having retained the same origin. And also pronunciation throughout the ages. Several factors contributed to this, the most important of which was the Holy Quran and also the spread of Islam. In addition, The Arabic language has […]