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Pharaohs of Egypt | Info and Timeline

Ancient pharaohs of Egypt The ancient pharaohs of Egypt were the rulers of the Egyptian pharaonic civilization throughout its long history. They held immense power and also divine figures, serving as Egypt’s political and religious leaders. These are all the pharaohs of Egypt: Narmer (First pharaoh of Pharaohs of Egypt) Narmer, or “Menes”, is the […]

Saudi Arabia Rulers and Ruling System in KSA

Saudi Arabia rulers The ruling system in Saudi Arabia is based on the principles of Islamic law, known as Sharia, and the country’s constitution is the Quran, so we will tell you all you need to know about Saudi Arabia rulers 1. Saudi Arabia was officially founded on September 23, 1932. When Abdulaziz Ibn Saud […]

What religion is Palestine?

Palestine country is an Arab country which dates back thousands of years, and passed through many civilizations and religions, but what religion is Palestine? Palestine has much great religious building that dates back thousands of years. In addition, Palestine was a place of trade as it is a link between Asia and Africa and Europe. […]

Egypt Agriculture – the beginning, farming, and characteristics

Egypt Agriculture is one of the great fields of the economy that has begun thousands of years. The ancient Egyptian civilization managed the agriculture sector by using the Nile River and planting various crops. Besides nowadays, Egypt is exporting many crops which proves its success in the agriculture sector. In addition, many factors helped Egypt […]

Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II

The Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic civilization is one of the main concerns of the entire world due to its greatness and achievements and monuments such as the Giza Pyramids Complex and Abu Simple temple, Ramses II is one of the most famous Pharaohs in all the pharaonic civilization. We will tell you in this article all […]

The Sumerian Civilization and History

The Sumerian Civilization and History There and many great civilizations in the middle east, not only the Egyptian pharaonic civilization but there are also Sumerians has made one of the great ancient civilizations, so we will talk in this article about the Sumerian Civilization History of Sumerians. Who are the Sumerians? Where did the Sumerian […]