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Yemen is one of the Arabic world and located in southwestern Asia, at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, between Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is located at the entrance to the Bab al-Mandab Strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean (via the Gulf of Aden) and is one of the most active and strategic shipping lanes in the world. Yemen has an area of ​​527,970 square kilometers (203,850 sq mi), including the Brim Islands at the southern end of the Red Sea and Socotra Island at the entrance to the Gulf of Aden

Capital of Yemen

Sanaa is the capital of Yemen. It is situated at the western foot of Mount Nuqum, at an elevation of more than 7,200 feet (2,200 meters) above sea level, in the western part of the country. Sanaa has for many centuries been the chief economic, political, and religious center of the Yemen Highlands. The city’s name means “fortified place.”

The currency of Yemen Arab country

The Yemeni rial is the currency of Yemen. Our currency reviews indicate that the most popular currency exchange rate for Yemen Rial is the USD to YER rate. The currency code for Rials is YER

Climate in Yemen

The climate of Yemen can be described as a dry, hot desert subtropical climate with low annual rainfall, very high summer temperatures, and a large difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures, especially in the interior regions.

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