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The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is one of the countries of the Arab world, which is located in the African part of it, as this country is located in the northwest of the African continent,

It also overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from the west. From its north lies Algeria and Western Sahara. In the south, there is Senegal and Mali, to the east, there is the Azawad region. The Mauritanian desert connects each of the Arab worlds in North Africa with the rest of Africa.

The total area of ​​Mauritania is about 130,700 square kilometers, and the desert occupies a large part of this area.

The capital of Mauritania

The city of Nouakchott is the official capital of the state of Mauritania, and it is the largest and most populated city in it, with more than two million people.

The city of Nouakchott is considered one of the largest cities in the Sahara Desert, and it is the economic and administrative center of the State of Mauritania.

The population of Mauritania Arab country

The state of Mauritania is distinguished by being one of the Arab and Islamic countries whose inhabitants embrace the Islamic religion, and there are many nationalities, such as the Arabs, which are the vast majority of its inhabitants.

In addition to the Negro and African minorities, Its population reached about 2,850,000 people, according to the statistics conducted in the year 2003. As for the demographic situation in it, it shows that the Mauritanian society is male, due to the high number of males over females.

The climate of Mauritania

Mauritania is one of the countries that prevails in a hot and dry desert climate, where the temperature in the winter ranges between
12-28 degrees Celsius.

In the summer, it reaches an average of between 27-42 degrees Celsius.

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