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Kuwait City is one of the Arab capitals is the national administrative capital of the Arab State of Kuwait, and its founding dates back to the eighteenth century AD, It has an area of 200 km2.

The location of Kuwait City Arab Capital

Kuwait City is located in the State of Kuwait, specifically in
its eastern part, on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kuwait.

It is located inside the Arabian Gulf, and it is located on a low plateau sixteen meters above sea level.

It has a population of about 60,064 people

The most important landmarks of Kuwait City


Kuwait City includes many landmarks and prominent places, the most important of which are mentioned below:

  • Tariq Rajab Museum: This museum displays within it many artistic works and precious traditional cultural pieces,
    which do not belong to Kuwait alone, but also to the rest of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, including musical instruments, gold jewelry, traditional costumes, Bahraini pearls, and manuscripts.
  • Souk Al-Mubarakiya: It is one of the oldest markets in the City, and it used to represent the commercial center of the city, noting that it includes many shops, and colorful huts, dedicated to selling products and various varieties.
  • The Great Mosque: It is the largest mosque in the City, and it was inaugurated in the year thousand nine hundred and eighty-six, and it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design and its attractive details. It features Italian marble, French stained glass, palm trees, Moroccan mosaics, and wooden chandeliers.
  • The Scientific Center Building: This building includes one of the largest aquariums in the Middle East region, as this aquarium contains many aquatic organisms, such as jellyfish and crabs, and also includes a place for children to conduct scientific experiments.

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Kuwait Weather

Kuwait City, KW
05:1418:19 +03
Feels like: 26°C
Wind: 8km/h ESE
Humidity: 68%
Pressure: 1006.1mbar
UV index: 0
35°C / 25°C
36°C / 24°C
32°C / 23°C
33°C / 24°C
33°C / 24°C