Kuwait towers, hotels, and tourism

Kuwait Towers, Hotels, and Tourism

Kuwait towers, hotels, and tourism

Kuwait towers, hotels, and tourism

Kuwait is one of the most important Arab countries due to Kuwait towers, hotels, and Arab tourism attractions. Thus it has sought rapid development in all its fields, thus we will discuss in this article.

  • Its location in the Arabian Gulf contributed to the spread of the pearl diving profession among its inhabitants. Thus it became famous for it until the appearance of oil.
  • Furthermore, its location made it the main trade center between India and the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, it helped transform Kuwait into a comprehensive trading center.

How was Kuwait established?

A branch of the Utub tribes settled and established Kuwait in 1613 AD.

Therefore, a branch of the Utub tribes which is the Al Sabah family, tribes ruled Kuwait.

In addition, the most important job was pearl diving until the discovery of oil and exporting the first shipment.

History of Kuwait:

  • An urban and economic renaissance appeared in Kuwait. That was due to the beginning of the oil era and the export of oil to the world.
  • Moreover, it is famous for its towers, the most famous of which is the three Kuwait Towers. We will talk about this in this article.
  • Kuwait ranks fifth in owning the fifth-largest oil reserves in the world. Thus today Kuwait is one of the most important oil producers and exporters in the world.

Why is it called Kuwait?

Kuwait was named by this name because it is a diminutive of the word “Kut”, which means castle or fortress.

What is the geographical location of Kuwait?

Kuwait is located in the Middle East, and also in the southwest of the Asian continent.

The borders:

East: The Arabian Gulf

North and West: Iraq.

South: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The area:

It covers an area of โ€‹โ€‹17,818 km2.

Kuwait governorates:

It is divided into six governorates, as the following:

  • Capital Governorate
  • Hawalli Governorate
  • Ahmadi Governorate
  • Jahra Governorate
  • Farawaniyah Governorate
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate

What is the currency of Kuwait?

  • The Kuwaiti dinar is the official currency of Kuwait.

What is the national language of Kuwait?

  • Its native residents speak the Arabic language. However, it has a local Kuwait dialect similar to the dialects of other Gulf countries.

What is the main traditional food in Kuwait?

  • The main traditional foods, are Machboos, Murabyan, Muttabaq Samak, Gers Ogaily, and Harees. Besides traditional Arabic coffee, and various types of dates.

The population of Kuwait:

According to the latest statistics, It is 4.67 million people.

Kuwait main airport:

Top 5 Malls in Kuwait:

There are many interesting Malls in Kuwait that attract many

  • Marina Mall.
  • The Avenues.
  • Magic Mall.
  • Al Fanar Mall.
  • Al Kout Mall.
  • Boulevard Mall.

Top 6 Kuwait hotels:

There are many hotels with different categories, thus it attracts many tourists such as:

  • Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa.
  • Sheraton Kuwait.
  • Hilton Kuwait Resort
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait
  • Millennium Hotel.

Kuwait towers, hotels, and tourism attractions

First: Kuwait Towers:

It consists of three towers representing a symbol of the urban and economic renaissance, so it is evidence of progress.

Kuwait Towers Location:

In addition, its Located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait City, this area is called Ras Al-Agoza.

History of Kuwait Towers:

An engineering office in Sweden designed it, then a Yugoslav company implemented it. Later It was built in 1975 AD.

Height: It reaches a height of 187 m

Reason for building it:

The reason for establishing the Kuwait Towers is due to that the Ministries of Electricity and Water needed to build huge water tanks to replace the old iron. Thereforeโ€‹โ€‹ Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah came up with the idea of building these towers to solve this crisis.

Description of Kuwait towers:

It consists of 3 towers, however, each one has a distinguished design. It reflects the heritage and economic rising of Kuwait.

Therefore, the large one takes the form of a censer. The middle is in the form of a sprinkler, while the third smaller one symbolizes the kohl. In addition to 55,000 colorful iron plates in beautiful bright colors.

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First Kuwait tower:

It is the largest tower with a height of 187 meters above sea level.

In addition, it holds two balls and is designed in the shape of an incense burner.

Moreover, It consists of two floors:

First floor:

First ball:

It has a reception hall, the Royal cafe Hall, in addition to the training hall.

Two elevators:

The tower has two express lifts to take visitors to the Scout Ball.

Water tank:

The tower has a water tank, and it can hold one million gallons of water.

The two balls are:

The main ball:

It has Horizon Restaurant, Leo Cafe, and also Oasis Dasman Hall.

The second ball (the revealing ball)

It consists of two parts as the following:

  • The first part is fixed.
  • The second part is movable. Moreover, turns a full circle around itself every half an hour to show visitors the views of Kuwait. It also has shops and a cafeteria


This part holds a telescope that helps in seeing the surrounding landmarks around the constellations. Therefore, many tourists visit to enjoy the view.

The second tower:

It is designed in the shape of a sprinkler

The third tower:

It is the smallest tower, and it is designed in the form of kohl.

Middle Kuwait tower:

It also contains a water tank with a height of 147 meters and a capacity of one million cubic gallons.

Smaller Kuwait tower:

This tower was designed to control the conduction of electricity to the surrounding area and is 113 m high

It also supplies the other two towers with the electricity needed for lighting through headlights.

Kuwait tourism attractions:

In addition to Kuwait towers, there are many other amazing tourist attractions to visit in Kuwait such as:

The green Island:

It is an artificial island, and it has many touristic places and water parks.

Failaka Island:

It an old island was an important commercial station on the sea route between the civilizations of Mesopotamia and the civilizations spread on the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Al Hamra tower:

It is a commercial tower. Moreover, its height is about 414 m. Thus it is the tallest skyscraper in Kuwait and ranked 23 in the world.

Kuwait National Museum:

It is a representative of the traditions and heritage of the people of Kuwait, in addition to it reflects the history and civilization of this country.

Liberation Tower:

Liberation tower- Kuwait towers, hotels and tourism

It is a communications tower with a height of 372 meters. It is the second tallest building in Kuwait after Al Hamra Tower. The tower is the most important landmark in the State of Kuwait. In addition, its name was changed to become Liberation Tower to symbolize the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq.

The Great Mosque:

Grand Mosque Kuwait

It is the largest mosque in Kuwait, where about 170,000 people pray in the mosque’s courtyards on the night of the 27th of Ramadan. It was built by Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. In addition, Its design is in an Andalusian style. Besides and the area of the mosque is 45,000 square meters.

In conclusion, Kuwait is one of the leading countries that has proved its important role in the Arab Gulf. Thus, Kuwait towers, hotels, and tourism are the main characteristics of Kuwait country.