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What religion is Palestine?

Palestine country is an Arab country which dates back thousands of years, and passed through many civilizations and religions, but what religion is Palestine? Palestine has much great religious building that dates back thousands of years. In addition, Palestine was a place of trade as it is a link between Asia and Africa and Europe. […]

The Nile River in Egypt

Since the old years, the Nile River in Egypt has had a strong relationship with the Egyptians that no one can deny. It was the reason why ancient Egyptians settled on the sides of the Nile, since that time, a great civilization was done. The Nile means river in the ancient Egyptian language. Nowadays, we […]

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis in Egypt Siwa Oasis in Egypt is one of the most wonderful and famous oases in the world with its beautiful nature and pure atmosphere, and the nature of its residents who have preserved their traditions and heritage, historical monuments, unique architectural character, and mild weather.This oasis is in Marsa Matrouh Governorate. There […]