Siwa oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Siwa Oasis in Egypt is one of the most wonderful and famous oases in the world with its beautiful nature and pure atmosphere, and the nature of its residents who have preserved their traditions and heritage, historical monuments, unique architectural character, and mild weather.
This oasis is in Marsa Matrouh Governorate.

There are several areas and oases that belong to this oasis administratively, such as the Qara Oasis, and Siwa Oasis is known in addition to this name as Siwa Al-Balad.

What is the geographical location of Siwa Oasis?

Siwa Oasis is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is in the middle between the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Western Desert, and the Qattara Depression.


North: Siwa and the Mediterranean sea.

East: The western desert is about 560 km2 from Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

West: The Libyan Jamahiriya.

South: The western desert.

The Area:

Siwa oasis covers an area of 94263 km²

What is the origin of the name “Siwa”?

Siwa got many names through the ages such as:

  • The name Siwa came from the word “Sikht-am”, which means the land of palm trees.
  • They called it in the past “Penta”.
  • Then they called the “Oasis of Amun”.
  • later in the era of the Ptolemies, who called it “the Oasis of Jupiter Amon”.
  • Later the Arabs knew it as “Al-Aqsa Oasis”, as Al-Maqrizi mentioned.

The population:

The population of Jordan is about 35,000 people, according to the statistics.

  • The original inhabitants of the oasis belong to the African Amazigh tribes, which lived in North Africa.
  • So that are making up 11 tribes, each tribe has a sheik, families, and individuals.
  • Moreover, These tribes follow their customs and traditions inherited through time.
  • Even in politics, they had their own Senussi policy until Muhammad Ali came into the modern era.

Main tourism attractions in Siwa Oasis

1- Shali Fortress

  • This castle was the ancient Siwa, where the origin of the oasis tribes lived.
  • They lived in houses built by the ancient Siwa with environmental materials from the rocks of the mountain oasis and the Karshef.
  • This rock is a mixture of salt and clay and in a certain style known only to the sons of Siwa.

2- Fatnis Island (Fantasy Island)

  • This island is located west of Siwa, 4 km away, and it is one of God’s wonders.
  • It contains a group of gardens and water springs in the middle of the salt lake.

3-Siwa Salt lakes

There are four main lakes in Siwa which attract many tourists from all over the world.

It is famous for its healing abilities such as:

1-The Olive Lake, east of Siwa
2- Aghurmi Lake, northeast of the oasis
3-Siwa Lake, west of the city of Shali:

Its area of 3,600 acres, is the biggest lake and the most attractive one.
4-Lake Al-Maraki, west of the oasis, in the Bahai El-Din area
The oasis includes several other lakes, including Lake Taghaghin, Lake Al Awsat, and Lake Shayata.

4-Temple of the oracle of Amon

  • Its building dates back to the twenty-sixth dynasty in the sixth century BC on the Aghurmi plateau.
  • This temple witnessed the visit of Alexander the Great in 331 BC.
  • It witnessed the coronation of Alexander the Great as a son of the god Amun,
  • Alexander did that to get closer to the Egyptians, because of their relationship with their gods at that time, the most famous of which was the god Amun.

5- Cleopatra’s pool

  • They called it also Ain Juba or Ain al-Shams, where there is natural hot spring water.
  • Its name was taken from the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who swam in it herself during her visit to Siwa.

6- Museum of Siwan traditions

  • The museum is built with local materials using traditional building techniques for the people of Siwa.
  • They used Karshef because Karshef material maintains indoor temperatures at moderate levels, and the ceilings are made of palm leaves.
  • It contains the customs and traditions of the Siwa people.
  • It contains some handicrafts of the Siwa environment, such as pottery, carpets, silverware, jewelry, musical instruments, and Siwa clothes.

Nature in Siwa Oasis

We find in Siwa Oasis a lot of small-sized lakes, as well as springs, especially freshwater, and among these springs is Ain Kefara. The Oasis area is famous due to its olive products; Where it is manufactured for producing a lot of olive oil, it is also famous for its manufacture of textiles and clothing, as well as the manufacture of carpets.

In conclusion, Siwa Oasis is the main tourist attraction as it has many amazing attractions that made tourists come to it from all over the world. Egypt still surprises the world with its amazing tourist attractions.

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