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Sana’a is one of the Arab capitals is the political and administrative capital of the Yemeni Republic. It was established in the fifth century B.C.
It is located in the center of Yemen in the mountainous region of the Sarawat Mountains.
Its land area is 5,552 km², and it rises 2,150 meters above sea level. and its climate is characterized by a moderate climate in the summer, and cold in the winter.
Sana’a population is 2,957,000 million, according to 2015 statistics, and its residents speak Arabic, which is the official language in Yemen.

What is famous the city of Sanaa Arab Capital

The city is widely known worldwide for preserving the heritage of the old city of Sana’a. In addition to its distinct and unique architectural character, where the city is surrounded by a very old wall, which is still standing now, which made it one of the
world-historical cities on the World Heritage List and the city of Sana’a are also famous for their moderate climate, where temperatures remain moderate in winter and summer.

Topography of Sana’a

The topography of the city of Sanaa varies from high mountains to low agricultural valleys,
and within its topography is the summit of Jabal al-Nabi Shuaib, which is the highest mountain peak in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula, whose height above sea level reaches 3760 meters, and the slopes of Sana’a are linked to the Al-Himatin mountain range and the Haraz Mountains. The Khawlan mountain range lies to the east of the city.

Landmarks of the city of Sana’a


Sana’a is one of the oldest Arab cities, as there are many mosques and traditional buildings
that add a special appeal to the city
Among the most famous tourist attractions:

  • The Military Museum
  • the National Museum
  • Salt Market
  • old City

Its old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in order to protect some
of its ancient architectural features.
The old city is surrounded by a huge wall 6-9 meters high, and it contains many gates,
It is the most prominent architectural landmark of Sana’a
Bab Al-Yemen, which was called the Gate of Freedom after the 1962 revolution.

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Sana’a Weather

Sana, YE
05:1918:16 +03
Feels like: 33°C
Wind: 2km/h NE
Humidity: 42%
Pressure: 1000mbar
UV index: 0
44°C / 29°C
44°C / 30°C
44°C / 30°C
44°C / 29°C
43°C / 29°C