Jordan tourism attractions

Jordan Tourism – Attractions, Places, and Activities

Jordan tourism attractions

Jordan Tourism Attractions

Jordan or the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has gone through many stages since the beginning of ancient times, such as the Stone Age. Therefore, Jordan gained many tourist attractions.

  • It also passed through the Islamic and Ottoman eras, in result it immortalized traces in Jordan.
  • In addition to the Nabataeans, Byzantines and Romans that passed through it and left traces behind them that we still see it nowadays.
  • It was not only history that left a trace in Jordan, but the terrain that characterizes Jordan, as well as its distinguished location.
  • All of these factors paved the way for Jordan to become a tourist destination, so that make tourism the most important sectors in the Jordanian economy.
  • Its revenues reaches about $3 billion, therefore in 2009 3.5 million tourists from various countries visited Jordan.
  • Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about Jordan Tourism attractions that you can enjoy visiting in Jordan, but before that we have to tell you important information about Jordan.

The ruler

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein Al-Hashimi is the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since 1999 till now.

The capital

Amman is the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan, its largest city, and one of the most important tourist destinations, Howerver it is also one of the important artistic and cultural cities in the Middle East.

What is the geographical location of the Emirate of Jordan?

Jordan is located in southwest Asia

First: The borders of Jordan

North: Syria and the occupied Golan Heights.

South and Southeast: Bordered by Saudi Arabia.

East: Iraq.

West: Palestine

Southwest: The Gulf of Aqaba, which separates it from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine.

The Area of Jordan

Jordan covers an area of 89,342 km²

Why it was named” Jordan”?

The name Jordan was derived from “the Jordan River”, which runs on its western borders.

How is the weather in Jordan? 

The summer: The weather is hot and dry.

The winter: The weather is mild and humid.

There is climatic diversity in Jordan, as a result of the different natural terrain, such as:

Jordan Valley: A dry tropical climate prevails.

Mountainous highlands: A warm temperate climate, as well as a Mediterranean climate.

The population

  • The population of Jordan is about 10,909,567 people, according to the statistics of 2021.
  • The local Jordanian population of Jordan is 69.3% , while the visitors’ and refrugee population is 30.7%.

Jordan has about 57 different nationalities such as:

  1. Syrian 13.3%
  2. Palestinian 6.7%
  3. Egyptian 6.7%
  4. Iraqi 1.4%
  5. other 2.6% (includes Armenian, Circassian)

What is the currency of Jordan?

  • The Jordanian dinar is the official currency of Jordan, which consists of 100 qirsh. and its abbreviation ” JOD “
  • At the time of writing this article, 1 Jordanian Dinar equals 1.41 United States Dollar.

What is the national language of Jordan?

  • Its native residents speak the Arabic language with a local Jordanian dialect similar to the dialects of other Gulf countries.

What is the main traditional food in Jordan?

The most popular traditional foods in Jordan is Mansaf, inverted, Kabsa, Zarb. You must try them, they are delicious.

What are the kinds of transportation available in Jordan?

The taxi

  • It is the most flexible means of transportation
  • Therefore you can order the yellow taxi and go on a short or long trip across the country.

What are the main airports of Jordan?

There are many airports, such as:

  1. Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)
  2. Amman Civil Airport (ADJ)
  3. King Hussein International Airport (AQJ)

There are many other military airports as well.

What are the best famous malls to visit in Jordan?

Jordan tourism attractions
City Mall Amman

There are many Malls in Jordan, but the most interesting 5 are:

  1. City Mall.
  2. Taj LifeStyle Center.
  3. The Galleria Mall.
  4. Makka mall.
  5. Istklal mall.

Jordan tourism attractions, you must visit

First Jordan tourism attraction Petra

Jordan tourism attractions
Petra Jordan
  • Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and the most important Jordan tourism attraction in Jordan, visited by groups of tourists from all over the world.
  • In addition The ruins of Petra became among the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, due to its unique and unparalleled landmarks. Therefore that makes it an important interface for tourism in Jordan, and it has become the most important symbol of Jordan.
  • The location of this famous tourist attraction is in the south of Jordan, and the city dates back to the sixth century BC, when the Nabatean giants dug their homes in the rocks in Petra, in addition to what they built of temples, tombs, and baths.

Second Jordan tourism attraction The Roman theater

Jordan tourism attractions
the roman theatre
  • It is one of the finest architectural styles of Roman monuments, which were built about 1800 years ago in the Levant region. It is located in the capital, Amman, at the top of Jabal Al-Joufeh.
  • In addition that it consists of tall columns and terraces divided into 44 rows, in three main groups.
  • The design was with distinctive engineering skills, so that it can accommodate about 6000 spectators.
  • It was a place for entertainment shows, and there were fights and duels between men and predators.

Third Jordan tourism attraction Ajloun Castle (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Castle)

Jordan tourism attractions
Ajloun Castle
  • The location of Ajloun Castle is on the top of Mount Bani Awf in the city of Ajloun, north of the capital Amman.
  • The building was during the era of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi by Izz al-Din Osama, one of the leaders of Salah al-Din, and he set out from it with his two armies to liberate Jerusalem from the hands of the Crusaders.
  • The way it was built and its style shows the features of the war, and its walls witnessed a great history.
  • The structure was in the form of a semi-square, and it has four towers to monitor the movements of the Crusaders at that time, and each tower consists of two floors. Later after the Battle of Hattin, they added two towers to the right of the entrance to the castle.
  • In addition to that it includes a museum describing what happened in the war and how it was a great historical war at the hands of its great leader, Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi.

Fourth Jordan tourism attraction The Jordan Archaeological Museum

  • The Jordan Museum is one of the important archaeological sites frequented by tourists.
  • This represents the comprehensive national museum of culture and knowledge, as it includes many antiquities belonging to different ancient civilizations. It highlights its unique monuments from different eras.
  • Among the important monuments there are “statues, jewelry, gold and silver coins, pottery, glass and metal, a mosaic panel, flintstone that was used to light a fire, and a statue of the fertility goddess Atargatis, which dates back to the first century AD.”
  • All of this is from different eras until you cross through different times while watching its different effects.

Fifth Jordan tourism attraction Temple of Hercules

Jordan tourism attractions
Temple of hercules
  • The Temple of Hercules in Amman is one of the greatest and most impressive temples, as it dates back to the second century AD. There is also a statue of Hercules, whose details you can see clearly.
  • In addition to being a very large building that has been recently restored, it consists of fences and columns that have been designed with skill and high quality.

Sixth Jordan tourism attraction Aqaba

Jordan tourism attractions
Aqaba Jordan
  • It is a Jordanian city and port located on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea.
  • Aqaba is famous for the many diverse features that make it one of the top tourist destinations in Jordan, because of its museums, antiquities, resorts, and beaches. Examples of interesting places that you should visit in Aqaba are:
  1. Archeology Museum of Aqaba: It contains of many important antiquities from different eras.
  2. Aqaba Castle: It is an ancient fortress that was built for the Crusaders, but it was seized by Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi.
  3. Aqaba Marine Biology Museum: It contains a unique collection of amazing aquatic life.
  4. The Chinese Village in Aqaba: It is one of the largest free markets for all different products.
  5. Malls of Aqaba: There is no tourism without shopping, so there are many malls in Aqaba for you to shop and have fun.
  6. Aqaba Sea: It is characterized by its clear waters and wonderful sandy and rocky beaches, and there are many beaches such as Al Hafayer Beach, Al-Ghandour Beach, and Barinas Beach.
  7. Aqaba Water Park: It is located south of the city and includes playgrounds for children and provides many different types of water sports, as well as many diving sites, as it is rich in amazing coral reefs.

Seventh Jordan tourism attraction Jerash City

Jordan tourism attractions
Jerash City

It is an ancient city located about 50 km north of Amman, which is distinguished by its abundance of temples, theaters, and columns. It is considered the second most important tourist area after Petra in Jordan because of its antiquities dating back more than 6500 years. In addition to holding an international festival known as the Jerash Festival.

Eight Jordan tourism attraction Wadi Rum

Jordan tourism attractions
Wadi Rum

Nature always plays its role to make places more beautiful so that people can enjoy them, and this is what happens in Wadi Rum, where you can enjoy the picturesque nature and the amazing golden sands, as well as enjoy the tranquility. So If you are looking for rest and relaxation, you should visit Wadi Rum.

Ninth Jordan tourism attraction The Dead Sea

  • As we mentioned earlier, the nature and terrain in Jordan have made you Jordan tourism attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.
  • As the Dead Sea is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Jordan, because it is famous for medical tourism to benefit from the minerals and natural salts in the Dead Sea.

Tenth Jordan tourism attraction spring water baths

It is also considered one of the important areas for medical tourism, as it contains mineral springs. In addition to the wonderful terrain of waterfalls, fiery rocks, and high mountains. So do not miss visiting these areas to enjoy the beautiful nature as there are many Jordan tourist attractions.

In the end, no one can deny the effects that Jordan contains from the manufacture of many civilizations that have passed through time, therefore Jordan became a tourist destination that conveys the history of these eras. to enjoy it. Finally don’t hesitate to visit these Jordan tourism attractions.

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