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Comoros is an Arabic country located on the continent of Africa, specifically in the northern part of the Mozambique Channel located in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and the mainland of Southeast Africa Astronomically, this country is located at the intersection of 12.0236° South latitude and 43.8069 ° East longitude.

Comoros includes a group of volcanic islands namely: (Grande Comore), (Mohéli), (Anjouan), (Mayotte) .

The capital of Comoros

The city of Moroni is the federal capital of the Republic of Comoros, and it is also the largest city in the country, and there is the main port.

In addition to being the administrative center for the rest of the other islands, it is the seat
of the state government, institutions, and civil departments.

The population of Comoros Arab country

According to United Nations data, the population is 864,834 people, as of 4/1-2020.

It is estimated that this number will increase to 869,601 by the middle of the same year when the population growth rate for this year was 2.2%.

Comoros is ranked number 163 in the world in terms of population, as its population represents 0.01% of the world’s total population, so its population density equals 467 people / km2, Taking into account that the land area of ​​Comoros is 1,861 km2.

The climate

The climate of Comoros is tropical and humid, with average temperatures on the coast around 28 ° C in March. And 23 degrees Celsius in August, and the monsoons blow on the islands from December and last until April. As for the average precipitation, it is about 42 cm in January, while it is about 8.5 cm in October, which is the driest month.

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