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Salalah, or the pearl of the Arabian Sea, is the most famous tourist city among the cities of the Arabian Gulf among Arabic cities. Salalah is an Arab city located in the Sultanate of Oman, one of the Arab Gulf states.
The city of Salalah is located specifically on the coast of the Arabian Sea, which is supervised by the Sultanate of Oman within its geographical borders
Salalah is distinguished by the mountains that surround it from all sides except for the southern side, which connects it with a road that connects it to the capital, Muscat. Salalah is famous for its humid weather, and this is what made it a tourist city

Nature in Salalah

Salalah enjoys a diverse and picturesque nature, and the following is a mention of the most important natural features in the city of Salalah:

  • Al-Ayoun: There are several springs in Salalah. Among these springs, we mention the following:

Ain Hamran: It is located in the north of the Maamoura region, where this eye is characterized by the surrounding caves, and a large number of visitors, especially in the autumn season.

Ain Arazat: It is considered the most abundant spring in the water, and it is frequented by visitors and trip lovers. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden full of shade trees.

Ain Sahlounout: This spring is 15 km away from Salalah, and it is located in Wadi Sahlnout.

Ain jirziz: Ain jirziz is located in aten area 14 km away from Salalah

Ain Tobruk and Atom: where the diversity and beauty of nature appear in the eyes of Tobruk and Atom, especially in the fall and rainy seasons, and they are two of the ever-flowing springs, which are characterized by their beautiful nature and stunning views.

  • The plains: where Salalah is distinguished by its wide plains with beautiful and picturesque scenery, which people visit; For hiking, camping, and from these plains: the Iten Salalah, located in the northwest of it, and this plain is considered a tourist attraction; It has a range of facilities that meet the needs of visitors.

Landmarks and monuments of Salalah

Salalah is famous for its archaeological sites that can be visited and viewed, including:
The site of Dahqa Naqa Saleh is located in the Al-Hasila area, and the Al-Baleed area, which is famous for the famous Salalah Fort, and includes many tombs dating back to before and after the era of Islam, and also includes many ancient mosques and the tombs of the prophets, such as the tomb of the Prophet Ayoub, peace be upon him, and the tomb of the Prophet Imran, peace be upon him. The tomb of the Prophet Hood, peace be upon him.

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