Baharain tourism

Bahrain Tourism – Attractions, Places, and Activities

Baharain tourism

Bahrain is full of many tourism places from different eras, Baharain tourism has a variety between historical, cultural, entertainment and natural sites. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bahrain tourism. Bahrain is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Although it is the smallest Arab country, many tourists visit it and enjoy its tourism places. However, Bahrain has a strong economy as it relies on processing crude oil for other Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Let’s see which places you can plan to visit on your next trip.

Bahrain tourism places

tourist places

There are many historical and natural places that Bahrain ministry of tourism has exerted great efforts to highlight many tourism places, so you will find these lists in any Bahrain tourism package such as:

1- The national Baharain Museum

The national Baharain Museum is one of the great historical sites that you have to visit. Besides, it is the oldest Gulf Museum since it dates back to 1988 AD. In addition, it has many characteristics that made it one of the fascinating constructions. It has many monuments from the old history that date back more than six thousand years and the modern arts as well. So, you will get cultural information about the history of Bahrain and its arts. Moreover, it has a great facade that distinguishes the museum, and also it has many halls.

2- Ahmed Al-Fateh Grand Mosque

You should not miss visiting the Grand Mosque of Ahmed Al Fateh. It is one of the great mosques, as its role is not only for performing prayers, but it was as the wisdom of Islam. In addition, its building was in 1987 AD by orders of Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. Its grandeur and the beauty of its construction distinguishes it. In addition, it still presents enlightening religious activities, and it has a library that includes more than seven thousand books.

 3- Bahrain Fort, Bahrain tourism

Tourism in any country is not visiting places of recreation and nature only, but it is very exciting to learn about the history and culture of this country. Therefore, you can visit Bahrain Fort, where you will explore many ruins dating back more than 2,300 years. These ruins date back to the time of Portugal’s occupation of Bahrain, so this castle is also called “Portugal Castle” and “Dilmun Castle”.

4- The lost paradise of Dilmun, Bahrain tourism

If you love excitement and adventure, then you must include in your plan a visit to the Lost Paradise of Dilmun. This water park is not only for adults but also for children, so you will enjoy family trips in the most wonderful moments. Paradise of Dilmun is also one of the largest water parks in the Middle East, as it is located in a very large area. In addition, its designs are inspired by the lost civilization of Dilmun, which dates back more than 4,000 years. In addition to the presence of many other services such as restaurants and cafes, as well as many water games and ice-skating courts.

Bahrain islands

5- Dolphin Resort

There are many recreational places in Bahrain, especially that are suitable for families. In addition, it includes many modern electronic games that children and young people will enjoy a lot. In addition to billiard halls, various restaurants and cafes. You can also buy souvenirs from there. In addition to the presence of dolphins, you will enjoy watching their shows, as well as you can swim with them, accompanied by the trainer.


6- Al Areen Reserve

If you love exploration and nature, you will enjoy visiting Al Areen, Wildlife Park. It also combines stunning nature, monuments, and history that you can see and enjoy outdoors. In addition to knowing the environment. The establishment of this reserve was in the Al-Areen area in 1976 AD. In addition, it is divided into two parts, a part with rare and predatory animals, and another part for hiking with gardens, rare plants, flower beds and lakes. So you can relax and unwind in this reserve.

7- Bab Al Bahrain, Bahrain tourism

Bab Al Bahrain

It is one of the famous places in Manama Bahrain tourism that you should include in your plan and trip in Bahrain, as it is considered one of the historical tourist places. The construction of this ancient gate dates back to around 1945 AD, and it highlights the Islamic character and distinctive architecture. In addition, the door leads to the commercial market in Manama, with its commercial centre and traditional products.

8- Baharain beaches, Bahrain tourism

There are many amazing beaches with various entertainment such as:

  • Marassi Al Bahrain Beach

If you are looking for the best fun for your kids, then Marassi Beach is your destination. Where there are many water games and recreational activities. Not only that but there are tennis courts. You can also enjoy the wonderful waves and golden sand. This beach is located in Muharraq Governorate.

  • Bahrain golden beach

For lovers of relaxation and tranquillity, golden beach is the right place for them, with its soft sands and calm ocean waves. In addition to the presence of wonderful restaurants, cafes and resorts.

  • Zallaq Beach, Bahrain

There are many activities on this beach, including swimming, kayaking, and skiing. You can also enjoy windsurfing. In addition to enjoying the clear water and spending a perfect day.

In conclusion, Bahrain is an Arab country which is full of many interesting places, so you can book with any Bahrain tourism company to enjoy visiting these places. According to the latest Bahrain tourism statistics, Bahrain tourism has been noticed in the last year since its economy has played an important role in turning it into a tourism destination.


Is Bahrain a good tourist destination?

Bahrain is one of the main tourist destinations in the middle east, due to its great nature overlooking the ocean. Besides, it has many entertainments that attract tourists from all over the world.

Is Bahrain beautiful?

Yes, Bahrain is a beautiful country, not only because it overlooks the ocean but because it has wonderful artificial islands that attract tourists.

Do they speak English in Bahrain?

Arabic is the main language in Bahrain, however, English is the second spoken language.

What food is Bahrain known for?

Bahrain is known for gulf food such as khabeesa, maglooba, hares, machboos and mahyawa. Besides, the Arab coffee.