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Nouakchott is one of the Arab capitals located in Mauritania, and it is considered its capital, largest city, economic center, and administrative center in the state of Mauritania.
The population of this region is approximately 800,000.
This city has witnessed amazing and rapid development in various areas of life, turning it from being a barren and barren desert lacking the basic aspects of life and its needs to a prosperous city and one of the most important cities of Mauritania at all, to become the official capital of the country after it gained independence.

Population of Nouakchott Arab Capital

The ethnicities that exist in Nouakchott are Arabs, Africans, Europeans, and Asians.
There are the Arabs of Nouakchott, who are the original inhabitants and constitute the vast majority of the population, in addition to the presence of Arabs from the Palestinians and Lebanese, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, as well as from Egypt.
As for the Africans, they are of origins from the regions of Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Cote, Mali, Senegal, and Dvoire,
The Europeans are mostly from Spain and France, and the Asians are from Korea and China.
Nouakchott depends its economy on the food industries, as well as the industries of cement, embroidery, carpets, and pesticides, as well as a group of handicrafts, and it also depends on the export of copper.

Touristic Monuments

The most important tourist attractions in the city of Nouakchott

  • The National Museum
  • Nouakchott beach
  • Medina Mosque
  • The big market
  • The mall mall
  • French Cultural Center Saint-Exupery
  • Arginine National Basin Reserve
    But it is worth noting that despite its large population and it is the capital, it suffers
    from severe poverty in infrastructure, and the lack of strong infrastructure for it in all regions.
    The city is also in danger of drowning, as most of its neighborhoods are below the
    level of the Atlantic Ocean
    While the other half of the city suffers from the problem of sand mobility, which
    prevents residential and urban development in it.

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Nouakchott Weather

Nouakchott, MR
Fair / Wind
06:2819:32 GMT
Feels like: 32°C
Wind: 34km/h NW
Humidity: 38%
Pressure: 1011.18mbar
UV index: 10
33°C / 21°C
33°C / 23°C
35°C / 24°C
37°C / 26°C
38°C / 25°C