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Alexandria: Bride of the Mediterranean


What is the reason for calling Alexandria the bride of the Mediterranean?

Alexandria is one of the largest governorates in Egypt and among Arabic Cities. It was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. It was the capital of Egypt at that time, and it was called the Bride of the Mediterranean; For taking the most important location on the Mediterranean Sea,
specifically at the western end of the Nile Delta, in addition to several main reasons that can
be identified as follows:

Alexandria’s unique location on the Mediterranean Sea

Alexandria occupies a privileged position on the Mediterranean Sea; It contains the largest seaports in the region, and is a major center of civilization in the ancient world; Because of its control over trade between Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean.
Alexandria has been known for decades to merchants as an important center for overseas trade between Asia and Europe; because of its location; So Alexander the Great took care of
its establishment and appointed his most skilled engineers (Dinocrates) to build it and make
it a suitable transit station for merchants.

Alexandria is distinguished by civilization between Arabic Cities

Alexandria is one of the most important cities of the ancient world, and is characterized by an ancient civilization; It brought together people of different backgrounds and religions, a
central center of the Hellenistic Empire, and a central point of trade and knowledge in the ancient world.
Alexandria is known to have received many Roman emperors, Jewish leaders, Greek
scholars, poets, mathematicians, and clergy of the Christian Church, and many thinkers, and
the Alexandria Library and Museum is still a major witness to the city’s nobility, and one of its main attractions.

The beauty of the city of Alexandria and its richness with beautiful gardens

Alexandria is characterized by being full of ancient architectural buildings, culture and
heritage among a large list of places that attract tourists to visit and learn about its
landmarks from all countries of the world, such as the museum, library, opera house, and
many other important and famous historical sites.

However, the bride of the Mediterranean has various other options such as the zoo, the
Montazah Palace and the royal gardens, which turned into a famous museum called the
Museum of Muhammad Ali Dynasty that ruled Egypt from 1805 to 1953 until its independence.

The museum displays many of the remnants remaining from that ancient era, and the royal
gardens in the palace were transformed into a distinctive public garden and a nature reserve
that many locals and tourists flock to on a daily basis. As for Salamlek Palace, it has turned into a luxury hotel.

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