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Arabic for travelers

Arabic for travelers can be a useful set of phrases to learn before visiting an Arabic-speaking country. Besides, knowing basic Arabic words or Arabic phrases will help you to enjoy an amazing journey full of knowledge. In addition, you can communicate with the native Arabic speakers there. Moreover, this is a great adventure that needs […]

15 Best places to visit in the Middle East

There are many tourist and historical places to visit in the Middle East, as the middle east has witnessed many great civilizations, we will tell you the best places to visit in the Middle East. In addition, this civilization includes Sumerian, Roman, and also Egyptian Pharaonic civilizations. 15 attractions in the Middle East 1- Giza […]

Best hotels in Dubai

Are you looking for the best hotels in Dubai? Dubai has more than 700 hotels with more than 120,000 hotel rooms. Since, the united Arab of Emirates is one of the most pioneering Arab countries, as it has many tourist attractions and entertainment places that attract people from all over the world to its Emirates […]

Best Time to Visit Dubai

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai? The greatest time to tour and visit Dubai is when the weather is mild and pleasant. November through February are the finest months to tour Dubai and have a good time in this desert metropolis. March, April, September, & October are ideal months for tourists looking for […]

The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines

The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines After the great technological revolution and development that took place in the world, the 6 amazing Arabian Airlines shined in the Arab world. Where all Arab countries strive to keep pace with work developments and benefit from the latest technology. In addition to developing the services provided by each airline. […]

Alexandria history and tourist attractions

Alexandria history and tourist attractions Alexandria is one the most important cities in Egypt, it has played a great role during different eras such as Ptolemy, Roman, Greek, and British, thus we will inform you more about Alexandria history and tourist attractions. Egypt has been a goal for many invaders, due to its location and […]

Sharjah history and tourist attractions

Sharjah history and tourist attractions The Emirate of Sharjah is the third most important among the seven emirates in the area, so we will talk in this article about Sharjah’s history and tourist attractions. The most distinguishing characteristics of this wonderful city are its ancient history and rich culture. The cultural buildings and towers in […]

Most beautiful Arab Country | Morocco

Most beautiful Arab Country | Morocco The popular tourist site Trip Advisor has released its annual list of the best tourist destinations in the world for 2015, and the Maghreb was the only Arab country on this list.Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful Arab countries, because it contains many cultures that merge with […]