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Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai, sixth is great

Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

Best Top 10 places you must visit in Dubai, sixth is great!

There are many amazing places to visit in Dubai. In this article we will help you, so you can choose the best top 10 best places you must visit in Dubai, but before that, we need to know Dubai more.

  • Dubai is the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
  • It is the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Dubai is also known as the pulse of the Gulf Arab countries, as a result of its rapid non-stop development.
  • It’s considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the great examples of economic progress and urban renaissance in a very short time.
  • After the discovery of oil in 1966, Dubai witnessed rapid growth and a massive economic renaissance, as Dubai became a global tourist destination.
  • That has brought Dubai to an advanced stage of development and prosperity in all fields, and this has made Dubai a world-famous and it. This prosperity was clear in the creative structure by different construction companies in Dubai .
  • Today, it occupies a prominent position globally. It has become a leading global front in all respects, trade, financial services, and tourism.

Do you know how Dubai was established?

A long time ago, about eight hundred people from the Bani Yas tribe settled in the Creek region, and Al-Maktoum led them. So, They have founded Dubai in 1833.

Since that time, they have ruled Dubai.

The ruler :

  • After the death of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, then his son Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum took over the rule, and after his death, his brother Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum took over the rule since January 4, 2006, and later after his death Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ruled Dubai until the present day.

What is the geographical location of the Emirate of Dubai?

The Emirate of Dubai is located in the southwest of Asia, on the Arabian Gulf and the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Borders: to the west the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to the east by the Emirate of Sharjah, and to the south by the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The area: Dubai covers an area of ​​4,114 km2 and is the second-largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates.

How is the weather in Dubai?

The weather in Dubai is a very hot climate and it has moisture winds.

  • In autumn and summer, the average daytime temperature reaches 40 degrees, while it drops to about 30 degrees at night. As a result, the weather is sunny throughout the year.
  • In winter and spring: The weather is warm and average temperatures are 24 degrees during the day and 14 degrees at night, and rainfall is rare. But it has increased by a small percentage than usual in the past few years.

However, in this hot weather, you will find that there is no place you will go to or transportation that you will use, unless it has many air conditioners, as a result, that will prevent you from feeling the heat outside.

The population:

The population of the Emirate of Dubai is about 3355,000 people, according to the statistics of 2019.

  • The local Emirati population of Dubai is 271,050 people, while the visitors’ population is 3140,150 people.
  • Where the Indian nationality represents the largest number of residents of Dubai after the local population, followed by the Filipino nationality.

What is the currency of Dubai?

  • The Emirati dirham is the official currency of the United Arab Emirates, which consists of 100 fils and its abbreviation “AED” and the symbol “Dhs”.
  • At the time of writing this article, one dollar is equivalent to 3.67 UAE dirhams.

What is the national language of Dubai?

  • Its native residents speak the Arabic language with a local Emirati dialect similar to the dialects of other Gulf countries.
  • However, due to the huge number of tourists and expats, you will find that the actual popular language is English as an international language for communication between different nationalities.

What is the main traditional food in Dubai?

  • From Emirati traditional foods, porridge, harees, regag bread, madrouba, yeast bread, traditional Arabic coffee, and various types of dates.
  • However, due to the multiplicity of nationalities and incoming tourists, there are thousands of enormous restaurants specialize in serving different types and meals of each country according to the culture and traditions of each country.

What are kinds of transportation available in Dubai?

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai provides different, safe, air-conditioned, and fast transportation methods that include Wi-Fi as well. It also provides air-conditioned waiting areas for these transports, which have Wi-Fi, and they include:

  1. Taxis.
  2. Public buses.
  3. Dubai Metro.
  4. Monorail.

What are the main airports of Dubai?

  1. Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  2.  Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)

What are the best famous malls to visit in Dubai?

There are many malls and shopping centers in Dubai, here are the top 5 malls that you must visit::

1. The Dubai Mall:

  • Also known as the home of the Dubai Shopping Festival.
  •  It is one of the largest shopping malls in the United Arab Emirates and the world.
  • The Dubai Mall is located near the Burj Khalifa, Financial Center Street, and Downtown Dubai.
  • It also overlooks the famous dancing fountain and has shops for all international brands, restaurants, and entertainment venues such as the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, as well as an ice rink, Kidzania for children, and a cinema.

2. Mall of the Emirates:

  • It is located in the Al Barsha area and contains shops of all international brands to display the most famous international brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Prada’s main store in the Middle East, and more than 100 restaurants.
  • There are many recreational places such as Ski Dubai, which is the first indoor ski center and a snow park that enables individuals and families to enjoy their time with the opportunity to see penguins.

3. Ibn Battuta Mall:

  • It is inspired by the countries and civilizations visited by the traveler Ibn Battuta.
  •  There are many shops in six halls: Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India, and China, and each hall reflect the heritage and civilization of its country attractively and distinctively.

4. Dubai Festival Mall

  • The Dubai Festival Mall is located in the Festival City area and includes the most important international brands, the most famous restaurants, and cafes locally and regionally.
  • There is also a bowling alley and a cinema with 12 screens.
  • The mall also provides a golden opportunity for visitors to enjoy a tour with the boats.

5. Dubai Marina Mall:

  • This mall is characterized by its wonderful views of Dubai Marina.
  • It is an important shopping center for the most famous scientific brands.
  •  It also includes restaurants overlooking the waterfront.
  • You can also enjoy a picnic on a boat in the marina after completing your shopping, don’t miss this chance.

Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

1) The first place you must visit in Dubai “Khalifa Tower (Burj Al-Khalifa)“:

Burj Khalifa- Khalifa Tower
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai
  • Burj Khalifa was opened in 2010.
  • It is considered the tallest building in the world according to the main international standards, with a height of 828 m.
  • The reason behind its name, after Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • It is possible to see the public sights of the city, where 3 floors are allocated for this, which is the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors, you must try it.
  • During the New Year’s Eve celebrations, this tower attracts thousands of tourists and arrivals from all over the world, where fireworks displays and unique and unparalleled light and sound effects are held and last for up to 12 minutes or more.
  • You can’t visit Dubai without visiting Burj Alkhalifa as it is one of the best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai.

2) The Second place you must visit in Dubai is “The dancing fountain”:

  • The Dancing Fountain was opened in The Dubai Mall in 2009.
  • It is considered the tallest fountain in the world, as its height exceeds 275 meters, similar to the height of a five-story building.
  • You can also enjoy watching the dancing fountain shows in many ways, where you can ride on one of the traditional wooden boats, through the dancing fountain walkway, or while setting in restaurants overlooking the fountain.

3) The third place you must visit in Dubai is “Ski Dubai”:

Ski Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai
  • It is located in the Mall of the Emirates and is one of the most important leisure destinations that you must visit.
  • Its area extends over an area of ​​22,500 square meters and is covered with real snow, which made it attract many ski professionals, whether residents or tourists alike.
  • It  provides all the clothing requirements for this adventure, all in multiple sizes, and there are many activities that you can enjoy there, such as:

1. Teleferik:

Ski Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

It takes you on a trip around Ski Dubai Snow Park to enjoy the view from above.

2. Penguins offer:

You can enjoy the penguin shows and also meet the penguins and enjoy direct interaction with them.

3. Snow Bullet game (one of the best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai):

If you love adventure and excitement, you can try flying over the snow with ropes at a height of 16 meters and then landing on it through a game of Snow Bullet.

4. Ski training:

If you do not ski or are not skilled in it, there is also a school to learn skiing at different levels “beginner – intermediate – advanced” for all ages, starting from 3 years and above. You no longer have any excuse you can learn now.

5. Snow Cinema:

Also, in this fun-filled atmosphere, you can enjoy the cinema in it. Ski Dubai and Vox Cinemas have combined their capabilities to create a unique cinematic experience where you can watch unparalleled snow cinema shows.

6. Restaurants and cafes:

There are also many restaurants and cafes inside the skate park where you can catch your breath and have your drink or food.

4) The fourth place you must visit in Dubai is “Miracle Garden”:

Miracle Garden Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai
  • It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai.
  • It contains more than 150 million flowers and natural plants of more than 120 different species.
  • The flowers are arranged in the form of different models of famous tourist attractions in the world or popular international personalities, which brings joy and pleasure to its visitors, as it attracts millions of tourists or residents from all over the world annually.
  • There are many sections within the park, including:

1. 3D Holograms:

One of the most amazing views ever, where a group of beautiful sculptures was combined with different bouquets of fragrant flowers, including swans, ants, mushrooms, and crows.

2. Lake Garden:

If you want to relax you have to go there where you can see beautiful attractive colors of flowers around the lake that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable with different attractive colors.

3. Flower Palaces:

Here you can see palaces and houses inspired by fairy tales and make up of beautiful flowers which were designed with great precision and skill.

4. Disney:

It is the favorite section for fans of Disney cartoon characters and who is not a fan!

5. Flower castle:

Miracle Garden Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

The flower garden is surrounded by a castle of flowers that will give you the feeling of being in a magic kingdom surrounded by the scent of flowers and sunflowers.

 It includes tall towers surrounded by green plants, resembling the castles of princesses.

6. Umbrellas aisle:

It contains many colorful umbrellas that form a ceiling decorated with various types of attractive flowers.

7. Floating lady (one of the Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai):

A floating Lady with drooping hair, open hands, and a beautiful dress made of red and white petunias, makes her a perfect image for lovers of meditation and discerning art.

8. Corridor of hearts:

One of the main attractions of Miracle Garden, each heart is designed using a different set of flowers that smell throughout the entire corridor, so don’t miss a visit to this particular section, as the romantic atmosphere is unmatched.

9. Emirates A380 model:

It is one of the most giant jet aircraft in the world.

Moreover, there are many objects such as the amazing sunflowers and the flower clock, which are also very unique designs, and a teddy bear with a heart.

5) The fifth place you must visit in Dubai is Global Village:

Global Village Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

Imagine that you are on a plane! and that you can land every 5 minutes in a different country!!

Exh country has different locations, heritage, and culture, this is the idea of the global village.

Global Village Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

It’s really worth being one of the best Top 10 best places you must visit in Dubai.

It is the largest commercial, entertainment, cultural, tourist complex in the world. Every year more than 5 million visitors come to it, whether tourists or residents.

Its area is very large, as it combines the cultures of 90 countries around the world in one place.

Global Village- Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

Where there is a pavilion for each country in which the country presents its most prominent traditions and heritage in a unique way, and there are models of the most famous tourist attractions in this country, which gives you the impression that you are in this country.

This is in addition to the folklore shows for each country by professionals, as well as concerts by many world-famous people and fireworks displays.

6) The Sixth place you must visit in Dubai is “Dubai Aquarium” :

Dubai Aquarium
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai

It has many fun and educational activities that are suitable for different ages, as it is divided into 3 main sections:

1. Dubai Mall Aquarium (don’t miss to visit it, it is one of the best top 10 places in Dubai):

It is one of the largest aquariums in the world, as it’s a capacity of 10 million liters, includes thousands of aquatic organisms, and includes more than 140 different species, in addition to more than 300 sharks that you must visit.

There are many activities that you can enjoy such as:

  • Enjoy an exploratory tour in glass boats.
  • Get closer to the fish with “Shark Encounter”
  • “Shark Dive”: You can also dive closer as you are only a few centimeters away from the sharks. If you dare!

2. Dubai Aquarium Tunnel:

It is part of the aquarium and it is a 48-meter long walkway and 11 meters underground where you can watch all the marine creatures as well as watch the divers while feeding the sharks food.

3. Water zoo:

It is located above the aquarium in the Dubai Mall, and includes three main areas; it is the rainforest, the rocky beach, and the ocean. You will also see dangerous and rare species of fish, crocodiles, giant crabs, and hippopotamuses.

7) The seventh place you must visit in Dubai is “Water amusement parks”:

There are many water parks; we will mention to you the best ones where you will enjoy the water there:

 1. Aqua venture Water Park:

  • It is located on Atlantis Island, The Palm.
  • Aqua venture contains a range of water games in addition to private beaches, children’s play areas.
  • It also has a confidence slide where you can slide through a transparent tube surrounded by sharks and rays. It is really worth the try.

2. Wild Wadi Water Park:

Wild Wadi Water aquapark-Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai
  • It is located near the famous Burj Al Arab.
  • It is inspired by the folklore character Juha and includes many games, slides, and activities suitable for all members of the family.
  • You can also rent a cottage to relax near the river.

8) The eighth place you must visit in Dubai is “Jumeirah Beach”:

  • There are many beaches in Dubai, but Jumeirah Beach is one of the best and most wonderful beaches and its one of the best Top 10 best places you must visit in Dubai.
  • It has calm seawater.
  • It is one of the most luxurious resorts for holidays.
  • You can also enjoy surfing, water skiing or paragliding, and renting small boats.
  • It also includes many luxury cafes and restaurants along its corniche road

9) The ninth place you must visit in Dubai is “Burj Al Arab”:

Burj AlArab- Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai
  • There are many hotels in Dubai, but Burj Al Arab Hotel is the most famous finest and luxurious hotels.
  • It’s one of the architectural icons in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Millions of tourists from all over the world come to it annually.
  • Burj Al Arab has a distinguished distinctive design in the shape of the sail of a traditional Arabian ship. It provides luxurious accommodation with luxurious decorations and designs and stunning views. The designs of the rooms and suites matches the finest and most luxurious international standards. It also includes a royal suite, which is one of the most expensive royal suites in the world.

10) The Tenth place you must visit in Dubai is “Palm Jumeirah Island”:

Palm Jumera Island- Dubai
Best top 10 places you must visit in Dubai
  • During flight to Dubai, before landing the plane, you will see one of the wonders of Dubai!!
  • Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in the form of a palm called Palm Jumeirah.
  • Palm Jumeirah Island is a symbol of creativity.
  • They had built this huge island using sand and rocks.
  • Palm Jumeirah is the largest artificial island designed and built entirely by man-made.
  • It also contains many entertainment venues.

In conclusion, if you still didn’t prepare your bags yet, hurry up and you will never regret visiting Dubai, don’t forget the best Top 10 best places you must visit in Dubai.

Finally, I hope that the article “the best Top 10 best places you must visit in Dubai” has motivated you more to visit Dubai, as shown above, it has become the most important tourist destination in the world, because of its recreational and cultural places, as well as the prominent architectural monuments.

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