Moroni – Arab Capitals


The city of Moroni is the federal capital of the Republic of the Comoros, and it is the largest
city in the country, and there is the main port of the Comoros
It is the seat of the state government, institutions and civil departments, as well as the
National Museum of Comoros, the National State Archives, and the National Comoros Library.

The city of Moroni is located on the western coast of the Greater Comoros and has a total
area of ​​about 30 km2


The climate of the Comoros is characterized by a tropical ocean climate; That is, it is hot and humid, and its rains are abundant, especially in the coastal areas.
One of the reasons that Moroni is warm all year round is that it is located in a relatively low
lying area. The city is only 20 centimeters above sea level.

Demography of Moroni

The population of Moroni is about 42,872, according to 2020 statistics
Muslims make up the largest proportion of them, and the spoken Comorian language – a
language from the family of Swahili languages ​​that has been influenced by the Arabic
language – is the most widely spoken language in the capital Moroni and in the rest of the Comoros cities.
In addition to French, which is the official language there and spoken by most of the
population, in addition to it is used in official places and education,
The Arabic language, with its well-known grammar, is considered a secondary language there. Where its use is focused on Quranic teaching,

It should be noted that the inhabitants of some Comoros speak
certain local dialects, such as Chengzada on the island of Greater
Comoros, northernism on the island of Moheli, and Shimorya in the island of Mayotte.

Tourism in Moroni

The best time for tourism to that region is between the months of April and December; Where the weather is warm and the amount of rain is limited or moderate
The tourist can visit many tourist attractions in Moroni and nearby areas represented by cultural and historical buildings; Great Friday Mosque and Mssihiri wa Cheik Ahmed Mosque, and the National Museum of Comoros; Which embodies the history and culture of Comoros; As it contains many stone artifacts dating back to the period of ancient Maldivian history; That is, before Islam entered the region,
In addition to the famous costumes and jewelry of royalty who lived in previous eras

The city of Moroni in particular includes many places and wonderful
tourist attractions that are important centers for attracting visitors and tourists. The most important of these landmarks are mentioned below:

  • Volo Volo Market: It is a lively market that includes many shops dedicated to selling
    pieces, traditional handicrafts, and wonderful souvenirs.
  • Cartala Volcano: The active Cartala volcano is one of the most important natural
    landmarks in the city, and it is very popular with hikers.
  • Coelacanth Marine Park: This park is located on the southern shore of the city of
    Moroni, and it represents a wonderful environment, and wonderful for natural marine life.

Moroni Weather

06:2617:52 EAT
Feels like: 22°C
Wind: 8km/h SE
Humidity: 81%
Pressure: 1016.93mbar
UV index: 0