City of Djibouti – Arab Capitals

Djibouti city

Djibouti is a small African city in the Republic of Djibouti, and it is the national
administrative capital and main port in it.
In addition to being the cultural, financial, economic and transportation center; It includes the second largest economy in the Horn of Africa.
It is the headquarters of the telecommunications company, the airline company, and it is the
Ambouli International Airportand it is a large airport that also ranks second in the Horn of Africa.

History of the city of Djibouti

The city was established as an important port for the country in about 1888 AD, at the
hands of the first governor of the French Somali region, Lyonnais Lagarde.
In the year 1892AD, Djibouti became the national capital of the republic, and it began to
develop and flourish, as in 1917 the orientation was directed towards establishing a network
of railways linking the port city of Djibouti with the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa.

The most important landmarks of the city

Djibouti includes many places, and wonderful tourist attractions, and the following are the most important of them:

  • The European Quarter: It is one of the beautiful neighborhoods in the city. It includes a large square that represents a wonderful mixture of the two styles:
    European and Arab, as well as white houses and Moroccan hallways.
  • Hammoudi Mosque:
    Hammoudi Mosque is located in Mahmoud Al-Harbi Square, and is distinguished by
    its enormous size and magnificent architecture.
  • The Cathedral:
    The Cathedral is one of the most magnificent buildings in Djibouti City, and it was
    recently renovated.

Djibouti Weather

05:4518:34 EAT
Feels like: 41°C
Wind: 13km/h NNE
Humidity: 67%
Pressure: 1002.71mbar
UV index: 0