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Tourism in Jordan

Jordan is a tourist destination for many tourists from different countries of the world.

This is because it enjoys the factors of attraction and polarization that satisfy the aspirations of those coming to it from everywhere,

Jordan’s archaeological landmarks (Tourism in Jordan)

Jordan is distinguished by its rich history of various civilizations. That lived in it
The following shows the most important monuments in Jordan:

The rose city of Petra:

The city of Petra is considered a historical, archaeological city built by the Nabataeans in the third century BC.

It is distinguished by its impressive architecture; Carved in pink sandstone, the treasury is one of the most prominent landmarks of this pink city, which can be reached by walking on a long path known as Al-Siq.

Among the landmarks in Petra are:
Qasr al-Bint – the majestic Nabatean temple – and the monastery, in addition to tombs, palaces, warehouses, and others.

The ancient city of Jerash

Jerash is considered an ancient historical city that has been inhabited by man for more than 6,500 years.

This city was in the past a subsidiary of the Roman Empire,
This is evidenced by the ancient monuments that are still clearly visible in that region.

Where there are large groupings of buildings, and Roman monuments, such as: huge stone columns spread along the old street, wide squares, historical palaces, towers, and fountains.

Ajloun Castle:

Ajloun Castle is a historical fortress built on the top of a steep mountain in order to protect the trade routes connecting Syria.

Tourists can visit this castle, and enjoy the wonderful and picturesque scenery, which is the merging of history with nature.

Jordan’s natural landmarks ( Tourism in Jordan )

Jordan is distinguished by its containment of various natural environments, and it allows tourists to practice many activities throughout the year.

Such as visiting resorts, natural springs, and wandering in forests, deserts and valleys

The following shows the most prominent natural tourist sites in Jordan:


The city of Aqaba is the only port and outlet for the Kingdom of Jordan on the Red Sea, and in the past it was considered a major port for Far Eastern trade, and it was visited by large numbers of tourists from inside and outside Jordan.

The city of Aqaba allows its visitors to practice many different activities on land and at sea.

Such as enjoying the wonderful atmosphere, the stunning view of the Red Sea, seeing the reserves of coral reefs, the rich marine life, and visiting the various archaeological sites. And a visit to its museum, which displays the historical artifacts of the Aqaba region of pottery and antique coin

As for the water activities, they vary, and include water skiing, diving, diving and boating.

Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world.
Its waters are characterized by a very high salinity rate that allows bodies to float easily on its surface

and the Dead Sea is visited by large numbers of tourists annually, and they are allowed to enjoy its blue-green waters that become a beautiful emerald color on its harbor.

And to benefit from the mud rich in healthy minerals, which are used for various therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, and for recreation in the beach resorts around its coast .

Wadi Rum:

Wadi Rum is the largest valley in Jordan, and it is also called the Valley of the Moon, and it is one of the factors of tourism in Jordan.

It is one of the landscapes that mix between sandstone and granite rocks spread at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level.

Wadi Rum was formed thanks to the continuous erosion of rocks over millions of years, to become distinguished by its steep slopes and picturesque red sands, in addition to its mountain, which records the second highest elevation in Jordan, at 1,734 meters above sea level.

The Bedouins live in concrete houses or different tents, and they host tourists in case they wish to spend a night in the valley, and Wadi Rum is a favorite tourist destination for lovers of rock climbing and for exploration and adventure enthusiasts.