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The nine islands of Kuwait

The nine islands of Kuwait

The territorial waters of the State of Kuwait contain manyislands that differ between them in terms of shape,characteristics, and location Nine islands are located within the Capital Region,
with the exception of two islands located within the Jahra Governorate, which are Boubyan and Warba .

List of the nine islands of Kuwait

Failaka Island

This island is located in the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf, about 20 km from the coast of Kuwait ,and the distinction of being the only island among Kuwait’s other islands inhabited by residents

Umm al-Maradim Island

It is located at the far south of the Kuwaiti-Saudi border. It is oval in shape with low beaches suitable for ships to dock on.

Umm al-Maradim is famous for the presence of pearls and the large number of seagulls and flamingos in it.

Caper Island

It is an empty, uninhabited island, which is small in size and has low coasts, and is considered one of the most beautiful Kuwaiti islands in which coral reefs abound, and the island is characterized by its clear water and the spread of beautiful birds.

Umm Al Namil Island

This island is located in the western part of El-Joun, and many Islamic monuments dating back to the Abbasid era were discovered,
It was called by this name cause of the large number of ants in it.

Warba Island

Warba Island is located in the northern side of the State of Kuwait facing the Iraqi coast, which is only one kilometer away from it.

The reason it is called burpa is due to its low, sloping shape, similar to the shape of a pit.

Bubiyan Island

Bubiyan Island is located at the northwestern end of the Arabian Gulf, near the northeastern border of the State of Kuwait, and it is the largest among the other Kuwaiti islands with a total area of approximately 5% of the area of Kuwait, or 890 km2, and this island is linked with land by an iron bridge.

Shuwaikh Island

Shuwaikh Island was named by several names, including Al-Ikaz and Al-Qurain and Shuwaikh Port, It is distinguished by its small size.

Qaruh Island

It is the smallest Kuwaiti island in terms of area and the most remote from the coast of Kuwait, as it is about 37.5 km away from it, and it is a low sandy island in which many types of birds originate.

Miskan Island

Miskan Island is located in the northwestern side of Failaka Island, which is 3.3 km away from it. It has a great biodiversity, which includes a large number of birds and sea turtles.