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Amman is one of the Arab capitals is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as it is the center of the country in terms of economy, politics, and culture, It is also the most densely populated city among Arabic cities with a population of more than a million people, and in ancient times it was considered a center of agriculture and trade, in addition to being a battleground in wars.
Amman is located in the northern part of Jordan.
It consists of 27 districts, and it is divided into two parts, which are East Amman, which is characterized by its ancient archaeological sites, where most cultural activities such as the Gara Market event, the Book Fair, and others are held.
The other part, which is western Amman, where is characterized by modernity and a different lifestyle, and this part is the economic and vital center of the capital.


The climate of the city is considered mild in summer and cold in winter, as it can be visited during the spring season as it is the best time to visit it, and it starts from March to May
It is also possible to visit the city before winter, in the period from October to November, when the weather is somewhat acceptable before the onset of the cold winter.


Amman is considered one of the major cities in the Arab countries, with an area of about 1689 km2,
Its population is estimated at about four million people, based on a study conducted in 2014, and they trace back to Palestinian, Syrian, and Jordanian origins as well.

Tourist places Amman among Arab Capital


Amman is characterized by the presence of wonderful places in it, including:

  • The International Museum.
  • Amman’s mosques.
  • City cafes; It is the center of Jordanian life.
  • Art galleries.
  • Mount Citadel: It is one of the most visited sites, and it contains a large number of sites and historical monuments, where you can visit the following places: Temple of Hercules, Byzantine Church, Umayyad Palace
  • Roman Theater
  • A set of the longest mountain chain in Jordan also plays the role of attracting tourists.
  • Jabal Amman

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Amman Weather

Amman, JO
05:4419:40 +03
Feels like: 28°C
Wind: 10km/h W
Humidity: 42%
Pressure: 1010.16mbar
UV index: 0
35°C / 23°C
34°C / 22°C
33°C / 22°C
33°C / 22°C
33°C / 21°C