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Palestine is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, southern Lebanon, and western Jordan. The geography of Palestine consists of four regions in the country. The four regions are the Jordan Valley, the Valley, the coastal and interior plains, the mountains, the hills, and the southern desert. Palestine is one of the outstanding Arabic countries due to its political situation and modern history.

Capital of Palestine

Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judean Mountains between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is considered sacred to the three main Abrahamic religions –
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The currency of Palestine Arab country

Currencies in use in the Palestinian territories are the Israeli new shekel and the Jordanian dinar.


The climate is clear at any time of the year. In winter, Jericho is a favorite resort and even the Jerusalem sun can be warm during the day. Winter can be cold, and rainy with the possibility of snow in some areas. In summer, the only problem is how to cool off as you head for the higher and drier places inland. Ramallah and the North West Bank are Summer favorites for locals and foreigners alike. Spring is definitely the best time to visit as the weather is quite moderate making it enjoyable to travel around.

Average temperatures range from 10-18°C in winter and 27- 35°C in summer.

Tourism in Palestine

  • Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock
    The Al-Aqsa Mosque is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, and according to what is found in history, it was built 40 years after the construction of the Kaaba and was named this name because of its distance from the Grand Mosque. Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome are considered one of the most sacred religious places, and Al-Aqsa Mosque is mentioned in the Holy Quran, specifically in Surat Al-Israa.
  • Hisham Palace Hisham’s Palace is located in the city of Jericho, and it was named by that name because the Umayyad Caliph Hisham Abd al-Malik was the one who built it. Generally speaking, innovative engineering meanings are evident in every part of this palace. It is decorated with interesting mosaics and ornaments, and it also includes mosques and halls filled with monumental columns.
  • The Ibrahimi Mosque
    This mosque is located in the city of Hebron, and it is named by that name because it houses the tomb of Abraham, peace be upon him. The Ibrahimi Mosque is surrounded by an old wall that was built about 2000 years ago.
  • Church of the Nativity
    The Church of the Nativity is located in Bethlehem, 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem, at the site known to Christians as the site of the birth of Christ since the second century AD
  • Church of the Annunciation
    The Basilica of the Annunciation or the Basilica of the Annunciation was built in 427 AD, and it was named by this name because our master Gabriel, peace be upon him, preached the Virgin Mary with the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him, and this church is located in Nazaret.
  • Gaza port and beach
    In the past, Gaza Port was considered one of the most important commercial ports, and next to this port is the Gaza beach, which is rich in fish.

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