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Tunis – Arab Capitals


Tunis is one of the Arab Capitals, it is the capital of the state of Tunisia and is inhabited by a large number of citizens.

More than a quarter of the population of Tunisia lives in it, and its population for the year 2020 AD is estimated at 2,365,201 people.

The city of Tunis is an ancient historical city that dates back to the seventh century AD around the site of the Zaytuna Mosque, which is the second oldest mosque in the country.

The city of Tunis is divided into two sectors: They are the ancient Islamic city of Carthage and the modern European quarter.


The Mediterranean climate prevails in Tunis, where its climate is hot in the summer and moderate in the winter, as there is frequent rainfall in the winter and the average annual rainfall is 441 millimeters.
While the weather prevails in the autumn and spring seasons, the average maximum temperature during the day in January reaches 14 °C, rising to the maximum average temperature in July, which is about 32°C.

Tourism in Tunis – Arab Capitals


The city of Tunis is distinguished by its elegant old buildings and architectural style, with its delicious popular foods, in addition to its attractive and beautiful climate.

It is a distinctive tourist destination for various nationalities of tourists, and from the attractions and places of tourism in it, the following:

  • The ancient city: It is one of the first Arab Muslim cities in the Maghreb region, which represents the ancient history of the city of Tunis, as it was built back in the year 698 AD, and tourists can enjoy seeing the buildings and monuments scattered in them, and walking in its crowded markets characterized by its winding alleys And the tourist must visit the historical gate of Bab Al-Bahr, and enjoy the view of the luxurious palaces extending on the corner of Sidi Ibrahim.
  • The Bardo Museum: The Bardo Museum is one of the most important museums in the North African region. It was discovered among the ancient historical sites in the country, as it is located in the luxurious building of the Tunis Palace, and included in
    each of its halls one of the most famous mosaic collections in the world.
  • Zaytuna Mosque: The Zaytouna Mosque is an important and vital center of the city, as it has a wonderful view of the areas of the ancient city and dates back to the year 732 AD, and the mosque consists of a majestic place dedicated to prayer that
    worshipers enter through the quiet mosque square, and the mosque is characterized by a distinctive tile roof.
  • Belvedere Park: The Belvedere Park represents a beautiful green space on a hill, which the tourist visits to seek comfort and tranquility. Fountains and tourists can also visit the zoo in it, as well as the Museum of Modern Art.

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Tunis Weather

Tunis, TN
05:0519:27 CET
Feels like: 27°C
Wind: 16km/h ESE
Humidity: 37%
Pressure: 1016.26mbar
UV index: 7
29°C / 17°C
26°C / 16°C
28°C / 18°C
30°C / 18°C
27°C / 17°C