Algeria tourism

Algeria tourism – Attractions, places, and activities

Algeria tourism

Alegria tourism is famous for its variety as you can enjoy historical sites, natural sites and shopping malls. Arab countries are full of great history and Algeria is famous for being the country of a million martyrs. So, Algeria is one of the famous countries with its landscape and various sites. We will tell you in this article everything you need to know about tourism in Algeria. Besides, each city in Algeria has historical sites or museums that you must visit. However, we will tell you the most important and amazing places to visit in Algeria.

Algeria tourism places

There are many tourism places in Algeria not only in the capital city but also in other cities in Algeria. These are the most famous places in each city of Algeria.

1-Martyr’s memorial Algeria


It is one of the areas that many visitors come to, as it commemorates the martyrs of the deserts in many revolutions. Besides, it includes the tombs of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Algeria. It was built in 1992 AD, and you can visit it to take many photos.

2-Bardo Museum, Algeria

You should not miss the opportunity to visit the Bardo Museum in Algeria, as it is a unique architectural masterpiece. Besides, its construction date back to the Ottoman period, and this was a time of prosperity for architecture, but it was later turned into a museum. But traces dating back to the era of what was told history are displayed.

3-Palace of the Bey, Oran Algeria tourism

Palace of the Bey Algeria   tourism

The Bey Palace is one of the most important palaces located in the city of Oran, Algeria. Where many tourists come to it to enjoy its distinctive ambience and decorations. Mehmet Bey built it and it was the seat of wisdom for years during the Ottoman Empire. So, its construction shows creativity and you can take memorial photos there.

4-Sidi M’cid Suspension Bridge, Constantine Algeria tourism

It is one of the most amazing archaeological sites that tourists come to in Constantine, Algeria. You can enjoy the view of the beautiful bridge that connects the Kasbah area and the hospital area. You will enjoy this beautiful cheerful appearance when you visit the city of Constantine.

5-The Great Mosque of Tlemcen

Great Mosque of Telmesan

If you are planning to visit Algeria, you should include in your tourist plan a visit to the Great Jamj in the city of Tlemcen in Algeria. It is one of the most important buildings associated with Almoravid architecture, and its building was in 1082 AD by Sultan Yusuf bin Tashfin. And his son completed its construction in 1136 AD. Its role at that time was not as a mosque, but it had an Islamic university. Therefore, it is one of the most important tourist places in Algeria.

6-Sarady Park  Annaba Algeria tourism

Are you looking for a place for the family in Algeria? Then you can visit Sarady Park in Annaba, Algeria. There are many hotels and resorts in this park, you can choose what suits your budget. There you can enjoy nature and relaxation as there are wonderful views of the mountains.

7-Santa Cruz Castle, Oran Algeria tourism

Nature is the most wonderful thing you can see in the city of Oran in Algeria, which the Spaniards built it when they occupied Oran. You will also enjoy seeing the remnants of the Spanish occupation in the middle of nature. In addition to roads from the city centre, there are also corridors and roads to the seaside, surrounded by plants in a wonderful view.

8-Experimental garden in Algiers

palm trees in Algeria garden

Algiers is characterized by the presence of gardens, especially the Experimental Garden in Algeria. The garden contains more than 2,500 species of rare and diverse plants. In addition to the presence of palm trees, where you can relax and watch the charming nature in silence.

9-Kasbah in Algeria

The Kasbah in Algiers is the best tourist place you can visit in Algeria. Also, UNESCO considered it a world heritage site. In addition, this place has charming decorations and architecture, despite the French occupation, which looted many antiquities.

Algeria Sahara tourism

Sahara landscape

There are many attractive sites in the desert of Algerie, so anyone visiting Algerie must have a tour in the desert. There are many amazing Algerie tourism places in its desert such as:


It is one of the desert areas because it is a charming area where many tourists come to see the beautiful oases. It also has unparalleled dunes, as well as some palaces that you can explore.

2-The legendary Tassili series

This place is considered one of the best controversial places, as it is a series of volcanic rocks with a wonderful view. In addition to the existence of a group of caves in which explorers found some drawings of aliens and people diving underwater. Besides, some people dress like us today.


UNESCO classified Askram as the most beautiful place for sunrises and sunsets. Where there is an amazing view of the mountains with a paved road and wonderful nature that includes rocks in the shape of animals. It also has a meteorological station. So, its  an amazing site to visit before sunrise to witness this wonderful time.

In conclusion, Alegria tourism is famous for many tourism types historical, natural and cultural. So, if you plan to visit Algeria, you will enjoy your visit as we have mentioned to you all Algeria tourist places.


Is Algeria good for tourists?

Yes, Algeria is good for tourists as there are many tourist places in each city, besides the festivals that you can enjoy your time.

What is Algeria famous for?

Algeria is famous for many historical sites such as museums and mosques, besides its Sahara which has amazing nature.

Is Algeria a beautiful country?

Yes, Algeria is a beautiful Arabic country which has many natural landscapes that you will enjoy relaxing and meditating on.

What are two famous attractions in Algeria?

There are many famous attractions in Algeria but the main ones are