Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai | The man-made island

Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai is a man-made island located in Dubai in the middle of Jumeirah Island. Atlantis is a huge hotel. It was opened in 2008 and includes about 1,539 guest rooms.

In the legendary story of Atlantis, which is the fictional island that was written by Plato, a fireworks display of about 3.1 miles long was launched at the official opening, in addition to the display of various pictures on the outside of the hotel, and tourists can visit Aquaventure Water Parkon site, And Nasimi Beach, which hosts concerts and other entertainment events.

It is worth noting that the Atlantis Hotel Dubai is a symbol of elegance and wealth, as it is one of the most famous hotels and resorts in Dubai, in addition to being one of the most
famous hotels that provide minute details for all hotel rooms, such as: providing comfort, and the Arab influences that it shows, and this hotel includes an experience Unique for exploring aquatic life and exploring new ruins in Atlantis as a whole.

Facts about Atlantis Dubai

Some of the famous facts about Atlantis include:

  • Atlantis was the first resort built on the Palm, paving the way for the spa revolution in the world.
  • Atlantis, the largest artificial island in the world since its inception, is a luxurious and modern five-star resort that expresses the splendor and ingenuity of architectural design.
  • The size of this resort has an area of ​​64 soccer fields, and the area of the one royal suite overlooking Atlantis is about 924 square meters and costs about $ 27,000 per night.

Features of Atlantis Dubai Hotel Atlantis

Dubai is unique because of the following:

  • The hotel receives guests from 227 different countries and regions so tourists flock to it greatly, due to the great luxury offered by this resort, in addition to the reasonable prices it requires.
  • The hotel welcomes its guests with its decorative details, as it has a large sculpture of 3000 handcrafted stained glass pieces that adorn the entrance to the grand lobby of Atlantis.
  • Atlantis includes about 23 of the best restaurants; Being the owner of many accomplished chefs.

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