The 5 amazing Arabian Airlines

The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines

The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines

The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines

After the great technological revolution and development that took place in the world, the 6 amazing Arabian Airlines shined in the Arab world. Where all Arab countries strive to keep pace with work developments and benefit from the latest technology. In addition to developing the services provided by each airline. In this article, we will tell you about Arabian airline’s list, especially about the 6 amazing Arabian Airlines.

First amazing Arabian Airlines: Emirates airlines

The 5 amazing Arabian Airlines

It is the best Arab airline, as it competes with European aviation in its standards and features. In addition to keeping pace with modern technology. Thus it is one of the 6 amazing Arabian Airlines.

Emirates Arabian Airlines’ amazing history

It started in the name of Marhaba in 1991 AD. It was keen on continuous development until it brought about a comprehensive change in its services. So it increased its destinations and spread around the world as the best Arab airline. According to global air transport statistics in 2021, Emirates Airlines was ranked as the largest international airline.


Emirates Airlines employs 45,843 highly qualified employees. In addition to the staff, They had a professional crew selected from 160 nationalities around the world.

Emirates Airlines destinations

Emirates Airlines includes many direct and indirect destinations, reaching 152 destinations. It flies all over the world to all continents such as:

Athens, London, Cyprus, Istanbul, Bahrain, Basra, Casablanca, Khartoum, Algeria, Oslo, Osaka, Orland, Amsterdam, Dammam, Bali, Paris, Bangkok, Barcelona, ​​Prague, Budapest, Phuket, Boston, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Jakarta, Geneva, Vienna, Venice, and Johannesburg..etc.

The car with the driver in Business and First Class

Enjoy a car in more than one city of destinations

Inflight entertainment service

There is plenty of entertainment during your Emirates flight such as delicious meals and gourmet dishes. In addition to more than 4,500 channels of entertainment.

Excellent service

Emirates Airlines observes safety and security standards in addition to wearing a mask and not being in contact. You can also make Arabian Airlines online booking.

Trained work team

Crew pilots are trained to the highest level in order to ensure they meet the exacting standards imposed by Emirates and aviation regulators. It includes training on electronic devices and under the supervision of an expert trainer, and it takes 3 months. Pilots are also subject to very high standards of flying.

Second amazing Arabian Airlines: Saudi airlines

The 5 amazing Arabian Airlines
Saudi airlines

It is one of the most effective Arabian Airlines in the Air transportation industry. Haj and Umra have raised their importance cause millions of Muslims all over the world travel to Kabaa and Majid Haram.

Saudi Arabian Airlines aviation history

It is 1945 in the airspace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with one plane. This plane was gifted to King Abdul Aziz by US President Franklin Roosevelt. Then it began operating to transport passengers between Riyadh and Jeddah.

Then King Abdulaziz ordered the purchase of several aircraft. Saudi Airlines has become a 5-star airline and a member of the Arab Air Transport Association.

Today, “Saudi Arabia” owns (142) of the most modern aircraft produced by aircraft factories in the world. It has won many international awards for its distinguished services.

Saudi Arabia Airline crew

Saudi Airlines seeks to train much crew at the highest level of academic and practical training. In addition to international standards that keep pace with the development in the world.

Saudi Arabian airline cargo tracking

You can also trach your baggage with Saudi airlines as a special service for your comfort.

Saudi Arabian airline Destinations

Saudi Arabian Airlines travels daily around the world. It flies to more than 90 destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. In addition that it has more than 500 flights per day.

Saudi Airlines is not limited to external flights, but there are many internal flights between Saudi cities due to its large area. Among the domestic destinations such as:

Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Medina, Abha, Tabuk, Baha, Buraydah, Qurayyat..etc.

In addition to international destinations on all continents, such as:

Frankfort, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Vienna, Addis Ababa, Geneva, Delhi, Brussels, Cairo, Barcelona, ​​Bangkok, Larnaca, Lahore, London, Madrid, Los Angeles, Washington, Tehran, Seoul, Shanghai, Toronto, and Singapore..etc.

Third amazing Arabian Airlines: Qatar Airways

The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines

It is one of the most important airlines in the Arab world.

History of Qatar Airways

It was established in 1993 and was used for the Middle East only, then expanded to include other continents. In 2001, it ended by increasing its aircraft fleet with the latest models.

It also won the award for the best airline in the world for the sixth time in 2020, according to the classification of Skytrax over several years. , it also received a 5-star rating from the Best Airport Awards in the Middle East (Hamad International Airport).

Qatar Airways Destinations

At the beginning of Qatar Airways, its destination was the Middle East only, but today it has expanded to include 150 destinations in all continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, South, and North America.

Among the most important destinations of Qatar Airways are the following:

Ankara, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Ahmedabad, Athens, Bangkok, Belgrade, Berlin, Basra, Baku, Beirut, Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Colombo, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Bucharest, Brussels, Delhi, Dhaka, Dubai, Erbil, Geneva, Frankfurt..etc

Onboard services

There is a lot of fun and entertainment on board through the Oryx One Play app, which is suitable for all tastes and ages.

There is also a wide variety of meals and drinks with Arabic or Western flavors upon request.

Since the seats are comfortable and can be reclined, the passenger can enjoy long periods of time without fatigue or boredom.

Business-class has won many awards as the best business class for its services and features such as entertainment, internet, and priorities for businessmen.

Fourth amazing Arabian Airlines: Egypt Air

The 5 amazing Arabian Airlines
Egypt Air

EgyptAir began in May 1932 AD, and at that time it was the seventh air force carrier in the world.

The first use of aircraft was for commercial transport of goods between Cairo and Alexandria. However, later it developed and began to increase aircraft and merged for a period with Syrian Airlines and formed the United Arab Airlines. It included many modern aircraft and was keeping pace with technological developments in the whole world.

EgyptAir joined the Star Alliance network in 2008, the largest airline alliance in the world.

Egypt Air services

EgyptAir cares about the quality of the flight and the experience that its customers go through while traveling anywhere in the world. So it provides many services, including special meals and special care for pregnant women and young children.

Egypt aircrew

The crew team had a train at the highest level. An experienced pilot is selected. Where there are about 29,000 employees working in EgyptAir between fixed labor, annual contracts, or daily labor.

EgyptAir destinations

EgyptAir travels locally between the cities of Egypt, such as:

Aswan (Aswan International Airport). Hurghada (Hurghada International Airport). Luxor (Luxor International Airport). Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

In addition to external trips such as:

It travels to all continents of the world and its most important destinations such as:

Moscow, Larnaca, Tunisia, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai, Berlin, Jeddah, Riyadh, Frankfurt, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Oslo, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam..etc.

Fifth amazing Arabian Airlines: Gulf airlines

The 5 amazing Arabian Airlines
Gulf airlines

It is a Bahraini airline with its current headquarters in Bahrain. Its beginning was a shared company by a number of Arab countries including Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Then these countries withdrew and Gulf Air remained the official national carrier of Bahrain in 2007.

Gulf Air is a member of the Arab Air Transport Association. It is the first international airline to land at Riyadh Airport in Saudi Arabia.

Gulf Air Destinations

Today, Gulf Air flies to almost all destinations on all continents such as:

Kabul, Sydney, Addis Ababa, Paris, Sharjah, Frankfurt, Aina, Cairo, Copenhagen, Larnaca, Shanghai, Dhaka, Kuwait, Jakarta, Erbil, Milan, Dublin, Doha, Moscow, Singapore, Johannesburg..etc

Sixth amazing Arabian Airlines: Air Arabia

The 5 amazing Arabian Airlines
Airarabia alines

It is an Emirati airline established in 2003. Air Arabia is the first economy airline in the Middle East, headquartered in Sharjah. Moreover, it is a member of the Arab Air Transport Association

Air Arabia is distinguished by its economic prices and services, including meals and distinguished staff, with the highest level of experience and training.

The company in Sharjah owns only 43 aircraft of the latest Airbus model, which is famous in the world of aircraft.

It was named “Best Low-Cost Airline” in the Middle East and Africa region by for excellence in the aviation sector.

Air Arabia destinations

It travels to all parts of the world and the most important airports it heads to on all continents such as:

Delhi, Mumbai, Kaif, Kuwait, Milan, Lebanon, Jordon, Doha, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Muscat, Oman, Almaty, Dhaka, Nepal, Colombo..etc

It has operations centers in many places such as

Corporate affairs and Arabian airline office

Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Egypt (Alexandria), Air Arabia Maroc, Ras al-Khaimah, Jordan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Armenia.

In conclusion, there are many governmental or private Arab airline companies in the Arab world that have become globally competitive to provide the best service and win distinguished titles and awards. We have mentioned The 6 amazing Arabian Airlines, but there are still many other Arab airlines that have a prominent place in the world of aviation.