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Arabic alphabet letters

Arabic alphabet letters Arabic alphabet letters are one of the most valuable letters in the world due to having retained the same origin. And also pronunciation throughout the ages. Several factors contributed to this, the most important of which was the Holy Quran and also the spread of Islam. In addition, The Arabic language has […]

Arabic Speaking Countries

Arabic speaking Countries The majority of Arabic-speaking countries are concentrated in the Middle East and North Africa, or what we call today the Arab world. The number of countries that consider Arabic an official language or a common official language reaches 25 countries. The most populous is Egypt, which has a population of 100 million, […]

Arabian Names

We hope this list helped you choose the perfect name for your little boy! AbbasA cool and powerful name that’s perfect for little kids! Abbas is of Persian descent meaning “the lion”. AliMost people choose this name! A popular and wonderful name among Muslims, which means “hero” or “high”. It’s hard to find a simple […]