Arabian Names

We hope this list helped you choose the perfect name for your little boy!

  1. Abbas
    A cool and powerful name that’s perfect for little kids! Abbas is of Persian descent meaning “the lion”.
  2. Ali
    Most people choose this name! A popular and wonderful name among Muslims, which means “hero” or “high”. It’s hard to find a simple three-letter name with a beautiful meaning!
  3. Alaa
    Alaa is an old Arabic name, meaning “high rank or high position”.
  4. Abdullah
    One of the most famous modern Arab names is Abdullah! It was the name of the father of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  5. Adam
    A common name in the Arab world today and it means leaving the land or the earth. Choose it to be the name of your child in the name of the Prophet Adam, peace be upon him.
  6. Adel
    One of the best names in Arabic for boys, it means “one who has high morals and virtue” or “one who is just.”
  7. Amer
    Amer is a Muslim name that means “long and long life.”
  8. Ahmed
    Ahmad is one of the most famous Arabic names, which means “the one who is constantly thankful to God or who receives much praise.” A cute name with a beautiful meaning.
  9. Badr
    An Arabic name meaning “full noon” from the full moon. Badr is an ancient name and it can also be associated with other names such as Badr Al-Din.
  10. Qaher
    A modern Arabic name with style and spoil attached to it! Al-Qaher has multiple meanings in Arabic which means “victorious”.
  11. Kamel
    A modern Arabic name meaning “He who is perfect or perfect!
  12. Daleel
    Dalil is a beautiful and Arabic name, meaning guide and guide.
  13. Daniel
    Nice and great Arabic origin name for kids! Daniel means “handsome boy.” A perfect name for your little one!
  14. Dargham
    This is an ancient Arabic name meaning lion and it is also another name for Imam Ali, peace be upon him. Nice and wonderful Arabic origin name for kids! Daniel means “handsome boy.” A perfect name for your little one!
  15. Dahi
    Dahi is a popular Muslim name meaning “lion” or “expressive”.
  16. Eejaz
    One of the greatest Arabic names for young children, and it means a person with miracles. The child is a true miracle in the life of his parents, so why not call him by that beautiful name!
  17. Ehsan
    A unique and rare name that means “a nice person who does good” or “someone who believes in loneliness.” We call it that beautiful name!
  18. Elias
    A perfect name for parents looking for a modern and unique name with a beautiful meaning! Elias means “Lord of God” and is also the name of the holy book of Elijah in the Islamic religion.
  19. Eman
    If you want your son to be different from others, this name is perfect for him! It means “victorious” or “the religious person” or “the person who believes in God.”
  20. Farouk
    A name of ancient Arabic origin that is very popular and means “he who knows the difference between right and wrong or light and delusion.”
  21. Fahd
    Who wouldn’t want to name his son something about strength, fame, and agility? It is an Arabic name meaning “Tiger”.
  22. Faisal
    It is a very common name in the Arab countries, meaning “the judge” or “the person who rules.”
  23. Fayd
    A wonderful Arabic name for children, meaning “surplus” or “preferred.”
  24. Fatih
    A beautiful Arabic origin name meaning “a conqueror”. A popular name among Muslim families in Arab countries.
  25. Fahmy
    Fahmy is a popular Arabic name for a child, which means “understanding.”
  26. Ghalib
    It is derived from the ancient Arabic name Ghalib, meaning “Al-Fatih”, and Ghalib was also the name of the famous poet.
  27. Jamil
    Jamil is an Arabic name meaning “good looking” or “amazing”. Jamil is derived from the Arabic name “beautiful,” which means beautiful or radiant.
  28. Ghaffar
    Al-Ghaffar is a common name among Muslim families and means “the one who forgives others,” “the most tolerant,” or “the most merciful.”
  29. Hafiz
    Hafez is an Arabic name meaning “guardian” or “guardian”.
  30. Hamid
    A popular Islamic name meaning “love associated with God,” or “one who praises God,” or “one who praises”.
  31. Hatem
    This name has all the attributes that you would like to name your son. Hatem means “determined,” “strong-minded,” and “decisive in nature.”
  32. Habib
    A nice and popular Arabic name for children, meaning “beloved” or “beloved person.”
  33. Haider
    Haidar is a great old Arabic name meaning “brave like a lion.” Definitely worth thinking with this name because it’s both beautiful and powerful!
  34. Hussain
    Hussein is a popular Arabic and Egyptian name meaning “good looking” and “handsome” or “beautiful.”
  35. Ibrahim
    Ibrahim is an excellent name for children! Means “the father of many nations.”
  36. Idris
    Are you looking for a unique and popular Arabic name for your son? This is a charming and unique name that means “the hardworking master.”
  37. Imam
    This is a common Muslim name meaning “leader.”
  38. Imran
    Parents or their children want to thrive in their lives! Imran also means “property”,
  39. Iyad
    Iyad is an Arabic name that is not very popular these days. It means “support” or “strength.”
  40. Ismail
    Ismail is an ancient Arabic name meaning “God will hear.” Other similar names include Ishmael, Isaiah, and Isaac.
  1. Essam
    An Arabic name meaning “protection”.
  2. Jabbar
    Like the weight of the name, it means “strong”. Jabbar is also one of the 99 names of God.
  3. Jafar
    Jafar is a popular Muslim name meaning “stream”. And Jafar was the name of the brother of Ali, the fourth caliph.
  4. Jamil
    The birth of your son is the most beautiful thing that has happened to you, don’t you agree? Jamil is of Arab-Muslim origin, meaning “a beautiful or handsome man.”
  5. Jalal
    The glorified name means “the glory of faith.” Jalal was also the name of the epic ruler Akbar Jalaluddin Muhammad. The name will guarantee the glory of your son.
  6. ​​Junaid
    A name of classic Arabic origin suitable for young children! Algunade means “soldier” or “warrior”, the qualities you want your son to always possess.
  7. Kabeer
    Kabeer is one of the most famous names among the Muslim community, and for good! The name is popular but has a charm. Big means “great.”
  8. Qader
    A cute and elegant name, “able” means “ray of light” or “fire from grass” or “green spring”.
  9. Khalifa
    A classic name meaning “Islamic leader” or “the title of the caliphs of Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.”
  10. Lahhan
    Are you looking for a unique and modern name for your little one? Then the name Lahhan is perfect for you, it is cute, fashionable and unique. The meaning of Melan is more attractive, it means “a little bright head”.
  11. Lateef
    Nice Islamic origin name meaning “nice”.
  12. Muhammad
    Some names are permanent, and Muhammad is such a name! A name of Arabic origin, which means “giant” and “greater than anything” or “breadth” and it is the name of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
  13. Mahfooth
    Some of the names are evergreen, and Muhammad is one such name! An Arabic origin name, meaning “giant” and “greater than anything” or “breadth.”
  14. Mamdouh
    Your child is simply the most lovable thing in this world! Mamdouh means “praised” or “glorified”.
  15. Mahboob
    nice name. It means “beloved” or “beloved by your sweetheart.”
  16. Maher
    Maher is a Muslim name meaning “brave” and “bold.” All the qualities you want your son to possess!
  17. Moez
    A beautiful Arabic name meaning “the one who honors others.”
  18. Mahmoud
    This name is not as popular as it used to be in the olden days! Mahmoud symbolizes “praise” or “a person worthy of reverence.”
  19. Nasser
    A cute and short Muslim name meaning “the one who won.”
  20. Nadim
    Nadim is an unfamiliar Arabic name meaning a person who repents or repents.
  21. Nabil
    An uncommon name with a deep meaning! Nabil means “a person gifted by raising the quality of the mind and glorifying the personality.”
  22. Naim
    Your son’s happiness is what you have always wished for! Naim means “happy or cheerful person”, the thing your son will always be.
  23. Omar
    A classic Arabic name that has a charm and aura of its own, and Omar means “orator or fluent strong.”
  24. Omair
    Knowledge is Power! The best name for naming your son with the name of the noble? Amir is a Muslim name that means “someone with wonderful and exemplary knowledge.”
  25. Othman
    Othman is an authentic Arabic name meaning “wise and stronger.”
  26. Obaid
    An old Arabic name that means little Abdullah.
  27. Qabeel
    Names starting with the letter S are very rare, unique and attractive! Cain means “accepting or agreeing to something.”
  28. Qaher
    Qaher is the one who conquers his people and wins them!
  29. Qader
    One of the names of Allah, which means an able person.
  30. Qadeem
    Al Qadim is an old Arabic name meaning “something very old and very old”.
  31. Qalam
    Funky name, meaning pen. In the old days, the pen is from the dried coral that was used in Islamic calligraphy.
  32. Qasim
    Kindness and sharing are two qualities you want your son to possess. Qasim means who divides his goods, among other things.
  33. Raheem
    A beautiful name with a better meaning. Means compassionate, kind and compassionate person
  34. Rafeeq
    Rafiq means “a good person.”
  35. Rashid
    Rasheed is a popular Muslim name meaning a mature person.
  36. Raha
    The comfort of an uncommon Muslim name for young children means “comfort.”
  37. Said
    If you are looking for a name, you should choose this charming Arabic name. It means happy!
  38. Sameer
    Samir has become very popular in recent years not only among Muslim families but also among other religions. Samir means a charming companion or a loyal and cheerful person.
  39. Sadeq
    A very common name in, means honest and trustworthy person.
  40. Salman
    Many people like to name their children after a famous celebrity or legendary actor! Salman is an Arabic name meaning safe.
  1. Saif
    Saif is a Muslim name meaning sword.
  2. Sahel
    A beautiful name that means guide or beachy for anything.
  3. Talal
    Nice name meaning cute or cool
  4. Tariq
    Tariq is a classic Arabic name meaning “to strike or to attack.”
  5. Taher
    It is a common Arabic name, meaning clean and not stained.
  6. Timur
    Timur is a classic Arabic name for children, which means “a strong king or a person of steel.”
  7. Tajj
    A name fit for kings, crown meaning crown or authority!
  8. Obeid
    A cute Muslim name for children that means “believer.”
  9. Othman
    Othman is an original Arabic name meaning “the chosen one”.
  10. Wahed
    Waheed is a modern, slightly unconventional Arabic name meaning “singular or unique”.
  11. Waheed
    If you are looking for a unique name with unique meaning, this is the only name for you! Single means exclusive or unique.
  12. Waseem
    Nice name with a beautiful meaning! Wasim means “handsome and honest person.”
  13. Yasin
    A beautiful Arabic origin name after the Prophet Yassin, peace be upon him, who is known to be Wasim.
  14. Jacob
    A classic Muslim name meaning “God protect you”.
  15. Yousof
    Joseph is the Arabic version of the biblical name Joseph. And also the name of the Prophet.
  16. Zain
    Zain is a popular Arabic name, meaning a beautiful and graceful person.
  17. Zahid
    The ideal name for parents looking for a spiritual name, meaning an ascetic, a lover of God, or a person of asceticism!
  18. Zaher
    A classic Arabic name derived from the name Zahra, Zahir meaning radiant and bright or brilliant.
  19. Thahan
    Thahan is a unique and unconventional Muslim name meaning extremely abundant, prosperous or rich.
  20. Zaid
    Zaid is an Islamic name that means prosperity.

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