Arabic names with the meaning

Arabic names with the meaning

Arabic names with the meaning

Arabic names with the meaning

There are many Arabic names used all over the world, not only in Arab countries, so we will inform you of the most famous Arabic names with their meaning for boys and girls.

Arab names are distinguished by their uniqueness and their origin in the Arabic language, thus we have mentioned most of the Arabic names.

Popular Arabic names

Most of the Arabs are Muslim, thus most of their names are related to Islam, the prophet Mohamed’s companions “Sahabah” such as the following:

First: Arabic Muslim boy names

Mohamed: the name of the prophet Mohamed, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him because of his sacredness. So he is the most popular name for Muslims.

Sajid: The name is clear because it means a lot of prostration. So, it is the religious name.

Yasser: easy, soft-tempered one.

Imran: the buildings, and also means the long-lived person.

Hazem: who can control matters with determination.

Sohail: who is easy to deal with.

Wahb: the gift.

Maytham: meaning very trampled on the ground.

Mazen: the cloud with water that indicates rain.

Nawfal: The young man with a beautiful face, and also means a generous person.

Ma’an: easy, and it is also what one benefits from.

Al-Mu’tasim: who God preserves. So, it is the religious name.

Bilal: means wetness from dew or water.

Salim: It means sound and free from defects.

Sufyan: means a person whose gait.

Talian: A person who recites the Holy Qur’an.

Tharwan: The rich have a lot of money.

Osama: It means the lion.

Anas: what the hearts become acquainted with.

Musab: means tough and difficult.

Azar: a Persian name, meaning fire.

Asser: a name that indicates strength and courage, and also it means one who was able to capture the enemy.

Special Islamic names

Ismail: It is the name of messenger Ismail, peace be upon him, the son of our messenger Ibrahim, peace be upon him, from the Egyptian Lady Hagar. because of his sacredness.

Islam: means a Muslim who believes in God and His Messenger, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. So, it is the religious name.

Iyad: It means the fortified mountain.

Isaf: comes from the word sorry; No apologies.

Ayser: it means the lion and also means the easy one.

Ayman: the auspicious and the blessed.

Ehab: It means being able to command and also being able to do it.

Tawakkul: means the one who trusts in God. So, it is the religious name.

Muddathir: Any wrapping of the garment.

Musa: means savior and also it is the religious name.

Muzaffar: the winner, the victor, the successful.

Mujahid: Who fights to defend the religion of truth. So it’s a religious name

Malk: means the owner of something.

Second: Muslim girls Arabic names

Khadija: She is the first of the wives of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, besides the first of women to enter Islam.

Halima: extreme patience in situations.

Amina: honesty and also confidentiality.

Tasnim: The name of the source of the water of Paradise

Sumaya: The first woman who died because she was a martyr.

Rahma: It is what comes down from God Almighty of mercy, goodness, and also various blessings.

Yusra: This name came in Surat Al-Layl in Quran.

Taqwa: One of the most beautiful, distinguished, and also different names for girls.

Salwa: The Quran mentioned it in Surat Al-Baqarah.

Noor: means light or good plant, besides it came in the Holy Qur’an.

Ibraq: One of the most unique and rare girls’ names, besides It, means woven from gold threads.

Eman: One of the old names that many people still insist on using it.

Moden Girls names

Rameem: The Quran mentioned it.

Ikram: The Quran mentioned it.

Noha: This name indicates the mind, besides the Quran mentioned it.

Raheeq: The Quran mentioned it in Surat Al-Mutaffifin. So, it is the religious name.

Sondos: A green garment made of silk.

Afnan: The Quran mentioned it.

Salwa: This name means everything helps you in order to forget the sadness and also enjoy.

Jana: The Quran mentioned it in Surat Al-Rahman.

Hoor: The hoor is the white woman, besides the Quran mentioned it

Zina: it means the beautiful girl and also decorations.

Sidra: The Quran mentioned it more than once in the Qur’an.

Nabaa: The name of the news or the great event, and also The Quran mentioned it in many different places.

Sujood: It is one of the most beautiful and also unique girls’ names.

Bara’a: The Quran mentioned it in the first verse of Surat Al-Tawbah.

Dania: The Quran mentioned it as Surat Al-An’am.

Jannah: It is the Paradise of the Hereafter, and also the Quran mentioned it many times in the Holy Qur’an.

Anhar: It came in Surat Al-Baqarah.So, it is the religious name.

Jannat: the plural of Jannah and also these are gardens and paradise.

Duha: The Quran mentioned it in Surat Al-A’raf.

Abrar: The Quran mentioned it in Surat Al-Anftar.

Alaa: This name means various blessings and bounties.

Safa: The Quran mentioned it in Surat Al-Baqarah.

Bushra: It means the happy news.

Iram: The Quran mentioned it as Surat Al-Fajr.So, it is the religious name.

Firdaws: It is the highest place in the Gardens of Mercy. So, it is the religious name.

Arabic names with meaning

Check the best Arabic names with the meaning such as:

First: Arabic names boy with the meaning

Nalan: meaning the truthful king.

Tolan: hero or noble.

Salem: The one who has recovered from every disease, and also means the survivor.

Idris: A name of Greek origin, meaning: teacher.

Saher: Awake at night.

Sarar: It means the lines on the forehead and the palm, and the lines in general, as well as the last night of the month.

Dari: A name attributed to Al-Dur, meaning pearl.

Adham: means dark night.

Sadan: The person who serves the Kaaba.

Kiran: means ray of light.

Ashraf: means the supreme in religion and this world.

Rafid: means the helper, the helper, the supporter, and the backer.

Lamy: It means thin air, and also the gum tree.

Second: Arabic names girl with the meaning

Masah: a name borrowed from Al-Amas, and it is called a precious girl.

Mila: a tree with many branches.

Namarq: the pillows on which the people of Paradise will lean.

Nepal: a girl who manages to reach her goal and collect an arrow or a dart.

Lyana: a name borrowed from softness, ease.

Juman: a love made of silver in the shape of pearls.

Jumina: She is the beautiful little pearl.

Yarra: a strong girl.

Ramas: diamond water.

Meral: One of the names of the little deer.

Marie: the smooth cat and the delicate white woman.

Mira: the food that is collected for travel.

Lisa: a name was given to a girl of good character.

Lamees: a name of Arabic origin, which is taken from the touch.

Khuloud: A name that symbolizes eternal life.

Raghad: a name taken from Raghad Al-Aish, meaning the softness of life.

Mawaddah: It means intimacy and love.

Jihad: It means fighting for the truth.

Sabah: It is the time after sunrise.

Gulnar: This name of the pomegranate blossom.

Jana: It means the gathering of fruits or honey.

Jawan: a name of Persian origin meaning “spring flower”.

Joyce: It means joy and also a cheerful girl.

Basma: This name of a girl who smiles a lot in the face of others.

Bahira: It means bright light.

Special Islamic girl names

Batool: meaning pure, and innocent.

Buthaina: It means the easy and soft land and also the humble girl.

Jenin: It means the baby in the womb.

Jihan: It means the world, and also the girl who spreads happiness among people.

Tulip: a type of mercury with multicolored flowers.

Layal: plural Layla, a name given to a girl with beautiful eyes.

Bisan: the name of a region in Palestine.

Menna (Minnat Allah): It means giving a gift from God.

Heba: the gift from God.

Lucy: The name of the spoiled girl.

Nermin: a name of Turkish origin, meaning “soft girl”.

Basant: This name of a flower with a distinctive smell.

Anahid: A name of a virtuous woman.

Rawa: It means a beautiful appearance.

Arwa: This name of a very beautiful woman.

Hasna: a name borrowed from Al-Hassan, which means very beautiful.

Khansa: She was a famous poet in Islam and the meaning of the name Antelope.

Jani: It means the fruit of Paradise and also moist or honey.

Judy: the mountain on which the ark of our master Noah, peace be upon him, boarded.

Juri: It means the big red rose. and also delicate.

Jal: A name of Persian origin and also meaning the elevated area.

Gilan: A name adapted from the Indian name “Gayla”, which means “win.”

Dali: A Turkish name that means madman.

Dana: It means the big pearl or gem.

Dani: The Dani Collection.

Diyal: a name of the Dili River in Iraq, which also means honey and honey.

Arabic girl names:

Dima: A name for unaccompanied rain without thunder or lightning.

Dim: The plural of Dimah, which means light rain.

Rancy: One of the names of the gazelle.

Rhubarb: a name of Persian origin, and also the rope on which bunches of grapes are hung.

Tarteel: a name adapted from the recitation of the Qur’an.

Raseel: means fresh water.

Rawani: the plural of Rani, and also is the girl with a good voice.

Rawan: a name of Persian origin, meaning travel and guide.

Robin: This is the name of the brave girl.

Rovid: a name of Persian origin, and also means the place.

Ryan: The opposite of thirsty.

Ritaj: it is one of the names of the door of the Kaaba.

Rital: Taken from the recitation of the Qur’an.

Ritan: A name of the water in the shells.

Rival: A name given to a girl with long hair or strutting her walk.

Rayman: Muthanna Reem.

Reem: a name of a girl who is very beautiful and white, and also from Reem Al-Bahr.

Renad: It means incense of the Kaaba.

Salsabil: The name of one of the rivers of Paradise and symbolizes the smooth girl in her dealings with others.

Lama: a name of a girl with bright brown skin.

Lamees: a name of Arabic origin, borrowed from the touch.

Lujain: This name has more than one meaning, including liquid silver or the luster of gold and diamonds.

Lorraine: a name of Latin origin, meaning “crowned with laurel”.

Lore: a name of Persian origin, meaning “Hillah”.

Loli: a name from pearls, and also the spoiled girl.

Lian: This name of a soft-spoken girl.

Lisa: a name of a girl of good character.

Lim: means peace and harmony.

Atheer: It means the brilliance of the sword.

Unique Arabic names

There are many unique names, we will mention Arabic names with the meaning of each Arab name:

First: Unique Arabic boy’s names

Anis: It comes from anis.

Gazlan: that is, to cut off a part of anything, and also means a person with a good and right opinion.

Manhal: means water resource.

Ral: The name of a type of tree.

Wael: the refugee, and also means the family.

Sadin: It means servant of the Kaaba, and it is one of the new and very distinctive names.

Mazen: Despite its spread not long ago, it still has a beautiful impact on the ears of the listener, and it means the rainy cloud.

Yamen: means the blessed and auspicious child.

Rafel: means a person who brags about himself.

Second: Unique Arabic girl names

Maysam: a name of a girl who looks like a flower.

Saja: This name of a girl with good qualities.

Gwan: meaning the girl with rosy cheeks.

Rawan: This name of a girl who loves to travel.

Faryal: This name of the spoiled girl.

Engi: it means a pearl.

Julia: a name of a girl full of energy.

Wana: the ability to adapt to circumstances and also it is a name of African origin.

Julie: a name of Latin origin and also given to the beautiful girl since her childhood.

Razan: This name of a girl with a sound mind and wisdom.

Lamar: This name has more than one meaning, and also gold water.

Llama: the name of an animal that looks like a deer.

Lulia: a name adapted from the word “pearl”.

Rayman: It is the dual name of Reem, and also it is the little antelope.

Ajwan: It is the plural of John and also it means small bay.

Aseel: a name of the soft girl.

Rima: it means the pure white deer.

Elaine: A name of a gentle girl with a soft nature.

Dana: It means the big pearl.

Dalia: one of the names of grape trees.

In conclusion, Arabic names are unique for their origin from others. Thus, nowadays you can find them in any country all over the world. Wherever you travel Arabic names are everywhere and now you know most of the Arab names with the meaning.