Religions in Arab countries

Religions in Arab countries

Religions in Arab countries

Religions in Arab countries

Human of all ages had their religious and cultural beliefs, as well as the Arab man. Many religions appeared in the Arab countries, ending with basic religions documented in the origins of the Arab countries.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the Abrahamic religions with the largest number in the Arab world.

We will tell you about the main religions spread in all Arab countries.

Different Arab religions

The Arab countries, like the rest of the world, went through many religions. They influenced Arabs, their customs and traditions, and it was a center for the propagation of religions.

The Jewish religion was the first and many believed in it, then Christianity. Finally, Islam is the largest religion that spread in the Arab countries. Due to its mercy rules which matched many Arab traditions.

What is the main Arab religion?

  1. Islam is the main Arab religion
    Due to the huge number of Muslims in Arab countries.
  2. Christianity Religion
    It is the second Religion after Islam Religion.
  3. Jewish Religion.
    The third Religion is in Arab countries, however, most Judaism has settled in Palestinian-occupied lands and West countries.

Arab religion before Islam

Old Arabs tried to search for a God who created this universe and created all living creatures. Besides preparing the earth for humans to live on. Thus, various worships began before Islam. The most famous of which was in the Arabian Peninsula, such as the worship of idols. There are and their names were many, for example, Allat.

The Arabian Peninsula was not only a source of religious thinking but also in Egypt since the era of the pharaohs. There were many gods the gods of fire, the gods of light, the gods of good, and the gods of evil. Thus, myths spread to support and consolidate these myths.

in addition, monotheism appeared to worship one God. The heavenly messages, prophets, and the most important heavenly messages began. There are still many Arab countries that believe in it.

1. Judaism Religion

Judaism preceded the Christianity and Islamic religions and spread in the Arab world. However, beginning in 1948 the displacement of Jews and their migration to Palestine. It began in large numbers and then increased gradually year after year. They are called Sephardic Jews and Mizrahi Jews from the Arab world.

They settled in a part of Palestine. Later Jews from all over the world came to it, and they called it Israel.

Thus, the Jewish religion became the third religion spread in the Arab countries after Islam and Christianity.

2. Christianity Religion

It is the second most widespread religion after Islam in Arab countries.

Christian Sects

There are two Christian sects such as Christians affiliated with the Orthodox Church. Then a sect of Christians affiliated with the Catholic Church, in addition to Christians from the Protestant sect.

In the Arab world, the majority of Christians are from the Orthodox sect, then the Catholics, then the Protestants.

3. Islam Religion

After the heavenly message to the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. Then Islam began in the Arabian Peninsula. Then, the Islamic conquests began in all parts of the world and of course the Arab countries first.

The Islamic conquests began in the Arab countries due to the spread of trade between the Arab countries at that time. In addition to the similarity of the cultures of these countries and the environment. All of this contributed to the spread of Islam and the Arabic language after the revelation of the Qur’an.

Islam and the Arabic language in Arab countries

  • The Holy Quran and Islam contributed to the spread of the Arabic language. It is one of the most important links between Arab countries.
  • The Noble Qur’an and Islam preserved the union of Arab countries and their unification under one language.
  • There are also sects of Muslims scattered throughout the Arab world. In addition, there are blocs of them in some Arab countries.
  • Many Arabic names in Arab countries were derived from the Islam religion.

Sects of Islam

There are Islamic sects spread in the Arab world. The most prevalent in the Arab countries are the Sunnis. It is followed by the Shiite sect, of which there are minorities in the Arab countries.

There are also other sub-sects such as Maliki, Shafi, Wahabi, Ahmadiyya, Alawi, Druze, Ismaili, Jafari, Kharijite, Sufi, etc.

In conclusion, Islam is the main religion of Arab countries. It unites all the countries from the east of Asia to the west of Africa.Besides other heaven religions like Christianity and Judaism.