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Is Arabic hard to learn?

The Arabic language has a rich history that dates back over 1,500 years. It is one of the oldest languages in the world, but, is Arabic hard to learn? We will tell you everything you need to know about the Arabic language. Besides, Arabic has a unique script and a rich literary tradition. Arabic is […]

Arabic dialects list

The Arabic language has been affected by many factors in each Arab country that led to other dialects that are derived from the Arabic language, so we will tell you The Arabic dialects list. There are many similarities between the Arabic dialects, however, each dialect has its features. Let’s see how these dialects began and […]

Arabic alphabet letters

Arabic alphabet letters Arabic alphabet letters are one of the most valuable letters in the world due to having retained the same origin. And also pronunciation throughout the ages. Several factors contributed to this, the most important of which was the Holy Quran and also the spread of Islam. In addition, The Arabic language has […]