Most famous Arabian horses

Most famous Arabian horses

Most famous Arabian horses

There are many breeds of horses all over the world, however, these are the best type of horses. As it is the oldest breed, dating back to 500 years BC. Besides, the origin of its breeding is the desert regions of the Arab region. In addition, it is the most expensive horse in the world. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the most famous Arabian horses.

What is the Arabian horse?

Arabian horses are those that originated with the Bedouins of the Arab countries in a desert environment, where they lived nomadically with their owner. The most famous Arabian horses that Arabs raised in Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well. Therefore, it acquires a high training capacity, and there is a great bond between it and its owner, as it is the most obedient animal to him.

Moreover, it has special characteristics such as a small body and head with wide black eyes and straight hair. So, The Arabian people kept this original breed as they used to Keep internal matings between horses of the same breed. Thus, its main characteristic is that it is a purebred Arabian horse.

It was also crossed with other non-Arab horses to improve other international breeds and resulted in Thoroughbred horses. It is one of the important hybrid breeds globally because of its Arab characteristics as a result of cross-breeding with purebred Arabian horses.

The most famous Arabian horses

One of the best and most famous types of Arabian horses such as:

Godolphin horse famous Arabian horses
  • Darley Arabian horse.
Darley horse
  • Byerley Turk horse.
Byerley Most famous Arabian horses

Description of the most famous Arabian horses

The most famous Arabian horses are distinguished by their symmetrical stature and naturally balanced shape such as:

  • Eyes: wide and bright, and indicate attention and kindness.
  • The forehead: broad and convex, sloping to reach the nose.
  • Ears: accurate and thin tips.
  • The Nose: It has two wide openings.
  • Tail: The tail is raised and its hair is smooth.
  • Neck: long and curved.
  • Hair: soft, shiny and loose.

Facts about Arabian horses

There are many facts about Arabian horses that made it an astonishing breed and the best one in the middle east, these facts are such as:

Long life

The most famous Arabian horses are characterized by their long life, as they retain their strength for a long time as they age.

high fertility

Arabian horses are highly fertile as the fetus rarely dies.


The most famous Arabian horses are characterized by their great endurance, which qualifies them for various races, where they win victory for their owner. Its toughness in racing is due to the density of its bones and tendons, as well as its training and travel in the desert, as we mentioned. Where Arabian horses gain strength as a result of enduring the hardships of life in the desert.

Immune strength

Horse disease is one of the most worrisome things, but if you buy an Arabian horse, you will enjoy its ability to resist diseases and the speed of recovery from various diseases. This confirms the first point, which is longevity.

oldest breed

Arabian horses are the oldest breed of horse, dating back more than 5,000 years. Therefore, it is considered purebred, as the Arabs preserved the purity of the bloodline by preserving their marriage to each other, and not to those outside the bloodline.

Connection with its owner

The Arabian horse has many differences from other horses in the relation with its owner and clings to it, and it is obedient to him and meets his requests with precision and high concentration. It is also very loyal to its owners, as it seeks to protect its owner in the desert or in the wild. Which makes it one of the most popular horses.

Solid structure and bones

Solid bones are one of the most sought-after things for riders, as the most famous Arabian horses have great characteristics such as the hardness of their bones, which gives them high physical fitness. In addition to its high ability to run long distances in races.

Purebred breed

Most Arabian horses are the only purebred breeds. Since most of the breeds have been cross-bred and are not horses of pure race. Therefore, the Arabs were keen to keep the strain pure and free from any crossbreeding.

Types of Arabian horses

There are five main families of Arabian horses, which are:

  • Al-Kahilan.
  • Al-Abyan.
  • Saqlawi.
  • Dahman.
  • Fringe.

How long do Arabian horses live?

The average lifespan for famous Arabian horses is between 25 till 35 years, however, some Arabian horses live till their 40’s. As we have mentioned, Arabian horses have good health and strength Immune.

Arabian horse color

There are many bright colors that distinguish Arabian horses, which include white, black, red, green, and yellow. So, you can choose which color you prefer.

what are Arabian horses used for?

You can use Arabian horses in many sports and activities you will enjoy a different lifestyle with them accompanied such as:

  • horse races.
  • jump obstacles.
  • Riding.
  • horseback riding.

In conclusion, the Most famous Arabian horses are the best breed in the world, since it has many advantages. Besides, its strong bone structure enables it to join many horse races. As it is the fastest horse that you can train easily and will concentrate with you. So, don’t hesitate to own an Arabian horse.  Save your time and effort while buying the most famous Arabian horses so that you can enjoy their great qualities.


Who is the most famous Arabian horse?

The most famous Arabian horse is the legend Marwan Al Shaqab. As it is characterized by its gracefulness and elegant colors.

What type of Arabian is Marwan Al Shaqab?

Marwan Al Shaqab is a 2000-bay Arabian stallion.

Are Arabian horses large?

If you are looking for light or small size, so Arabian horses are the lightest horse breed.

Can Arabian horses jump?

Arabian horses can make great jumps as they are the oldest horse breed.

How much do Arabian horses cost?

Arabian horses cost ranges from 5000$ to 3000$, however, it may be higher than that depending on many other qualities that it may reach 100$.