Things to do in Sharm el-Seikh beautiful Arabic cities

Things to do in Sharm el sheikh

Things to do in Sharm el-Seikh

Egypt is distinguished with its location overlooking the Midetireanean sea and the Red sea as well, which made it many touristic countries such as Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Alexandria, there are many things to do there. Egypt not only has historical sites like the Giza pyramids and the temples in Luxor and Aswan but there are also other tourist attractions that attract many tourists.

It has a charming nature overlooking the red sea and also fantastic weather where many European visits to enjoy the warm weather. So, we will tell you in this article about the things to do in this amazing tourist city.

Sharm el-Sheikh history

It was established in 1968 as a touristic city overlooking the red sea. It was known as “the city of peace”. Later, it was developed a lot as it became one of the most important touristic cities in the world.

According to the BBC annunciation in 2005, it was one of the most beautiful four countries all over the world. Moreover, after the great improvement in the architecture and the hotels besides the main entertainment services, this city won the prize of the UNESCO organization as one of the best five peaceful cities all over the world among 400 world cities.

Sharm el-Sheikh location

Sharm el-sheikh

Its location is in South Sinai at the point where the Gulf of Aqaba meets the Suez Canal. The distance from it to Cairo is about 490 km. Its area is about 480 km2 while its population is 77,000 people and it is the highest population among other cities in the South Sinai governorate. In addition, it is the largest city in the South Sinai governorate.

Sharm el sheikh weather

Its weather is one of the main attractions to many tourists, especially during winter. As it’s warm in winter, however sometimes it became very cold like in January. In summer, it became very hot as the temperature reaches its maximum in July, August and June with an average degree of 38 degrees. 

Best time to visit Sharm el-Sheikh

The reviews of the visitors of Sharm el-Sheikh city said that the best time to visit it is in the winter season. As, its weather is warm in winter months such as November, December, February and November.

Sharm el sheikh hotels and resorts

shaem elsheikh hotels

There are many hotels and resorts with different categories that match many tourists. If you were wondering Where to stay in Sharm el sheikh, this is the most famous hotel with valuable services such as:

  • Mövenpick Resort.
  • Novotel.
  • Oriental Rivoli Hotel & SPA.
  • Savoy.
  • Hyatt Regency Resort.
  • Marriott Resort.

Things to do in Sharm el sheikh

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohamed national Park

It is located about 12 Km from Sharm el sheikh, it is one of the main things to do there. It is the best place to enjoy diving beside coral reefs of various colours and shapes. Many tourists from all over the world visit it to enjoy the beaches and the natural life in Ras Mohamed National Park.

Neama Bay

Neama bey

Neama Bay is one of the best beaches that you must visit. You will enjoy their the best hotels and services besides the restaurants and cafes. You will find Arabic restaurants as well as Arabic stores. In addition to other entertainment, you can enjoy many types of water sports.


If you like adventure, you have to go to the blue hole, it’s a dangerous risky area of the sea as it’s too deep with a tunnel. Many love to enjoy diving there, However, you have to be careful.

Almustafa Mosque

Cheap things to do in Sharm el sheikh

Old Market

If you are looking for cheap things to do, Old Market is one of the best places where you can enjoy shopping for souvenirs from the traditional products of the local Egyptians. Many tourists put Old Market on their tour list to get souvenirs.

Al-Mercato Mall

It is located on Om el-said hill where you can enjoy purchasing luxury and local brands. It has more than 400 stores, so you will find what suits your budget. In addition, you will find many restaurants and cafés besides fast food.

Where to go in Sharm el sheikh at night?

Soho Square

Soho square

At night, it is the best thing to do in Sharm el-Sheikh is to go shopping in Soho square. Where you can enjoy shopping from various brands and famous stores. So, if you are looking for souvenirs you can get them from there.

You can enjoy more details from this site

‪‪Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh

It is an amazing place for enjoying the night hours. There will be lights and songs and dancers as well. You can enjoy your night in the fresh open air area.

Things to do in Sharm el sheikh for families

Dolfina Park

One of the things to do is to attend the Dolphin show as you will enjoy swimming and taking photos with them. It’s an amazing show that you will never forget. It is the best entertainment for kids to enjoy the dolphin show. Its location is Om Said hill.

Aqua blue water park

It is one of the best destinations for families and their kids, as they will enjoy it together with the water. It has about 44 slides and tubes and many pools that suit kids less than 12 years old. Its location is Om Said hill. So, if you want to enjoy your vacation with your kids, don’t miss this chance.

In conclusion, it is one of the amazing tourist cities that is worth the visit. As you will enjoy nature and the warm weather in winter. In addition, you will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere there. If your plan for a vacation you can visit Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and then go to Luxor and Aswan to enjoy the historical sites and the architecture of the temples.