Qatar tourism

Qatar Tourism – Attractions, Places, and Activities

Qatar tourism

Qatar is one of the most famous tourist destinations as Qatar tourism nowadays has recently become a great tourism country. Qatar is located in the Gulf area in Western Asia which is in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, Qatar has played a great role by hosting the World Cup 2022 as the world witnessed an amazing organized World Cup. Moreover, Qatar is a peninsular Arab country, thus it is famous for its natural sites overlooking the gulf. So, we will tell you everything you need to know about Qatar tourism so you can plan your Qatar tourism package.

Qatar tourism places


There are many tourism places in Qatar country that you can enjoy visiting. Besides, many activities that you can do in Qatar. Qatar tourism places are such as:

1- Doha Corniche Qatar tourism

Doha Corniche

If you are planning to visit Qatar, you must visit Doha Corniche as it’s an amazing atmosphere. Besides, Qatar ministry of tourism has exerted great efforts to benefit from this corniche and make it more valuable. Nowadays, you can find many skyscrapers overlooking the corniche. Moreover, many hotels and resorts overlook the gulf which has an amazing view.

2- Pearl island Qatar tourism

Pearl Island

Pearl Qatar is a group of artificial islands that are considered one of the most important tourist areas in Qatar. There are also many yachts where a picturesque view of nature. It also now has many towers and residential compounds. In addition, its area is 4 million square meters.

3- Banana Island Resort Qatar tourism

It is one of the most beautiful areas in the Qatari capital, Doha, and it takes the shape of a crescent. It also has a perfect beach that extends along the island. In addition, you can do many activities such as enjoying the sand, as well as diving and surfing. In addition to other sports such as tennis, golf and bowling. It is also an integrated city, as it has a spa centre, a cinema, as well as many different restaurants and wide green spaces.

4- Waqif Market


It is one of the most famous markets in Qatar. Besides, it is also considered one of the oldest markets in the Middle East. In addition, there are many products that you can buy, such as fabrics, spices, clothes, and souvenirs. In addition to the presence of many restaurants that have popular dishes that tourists come to try. Do not miss this opportunity to visit Souq Waqif, one of the most important tourist places in Qatar.

5- Islamic art museum

Do not forget to include the Museum of Islamic Art in your visit to Qatar, as it is located in Doha, the capital. It includes many wonderful Islamic artefacts and antiquities. The museum was opened in 2008 AD. It is also located in an artificial city in Doha city.

6- Qatar Water Park

If you aspire to a family vacation to enjoy your time, you can visit Qatar Water Park, where you can relax and enjoy the water. Therefore, Qatar Water Park is one of the most important tourist places in Qatar, and it is located in the Abu Nakhla area in Doha city. There are also many water games as well as games for children so that you and your family can enjoy them.

7- Qatar amusement park

If you are looking for adventure, you can have an unparalleled experience in Qatar amusement parks. Where there are many amusement parks for children as well as for adults. Among the most famous of these amusement parks are Jondlinia Doha amusement park, Toys Town Doha amusement park, and Fun City Doha amusement park. In addition, some entertainment cities also have shopping markets.

8- Qatar beaches

You can enjoy nature and the sea as there are many beaches where you can do many activities with the family. The most important of these beaches are Katara Beach, Four Seasons Beach, Umm Bab Beach, Sealine Beach and Al Thakhira Beach.

9- Qatar Gardens

  • Qatar has many charming parks where you can enjoy nature and its beauty. Al Khor Qatar Park is not only a garden but also has a waterfall, a mosque, a museum, as well as a children’s area.
  • Aspire Park Qatar It is considered one of the most beautiful parks, as it has walking paths, a large lake and stunning landscapes, especially in the evening when the Aspire Tower shines.
  • Al-Wakra Park is characterized by vast green spaces, as well as a beach and a children’s area.

10- Malls of Qatar


Tourism is not sweet without shopping, so there are many luxury malls in Qatar. In addition, you will find the best brands and famous restaurant chains. Among the most famous malls in Qatar is Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City Mall Qatar, Villaggio Mall Qatar, Lagoona Mall Qatar, Landmark Mall, Gulf Mall Qatar, The Gate Mall Qatar, and Ezdan Mall Qatar. So, you can buy souvenirs from malls.

In conclusion, Qatar tourism has become one of the most prominent tourism in the Arab countries. Don’t miss this chance and prepare yourself for an amazing journey in Qatar. Besides, you can choose which tourist destination suits your interests. In addition, you can go with your family as many places are convenient for your children as well.


Is Qatar cheap to visit?

Qatar is a budget-friendly destination as you can find a cheap price or high prices, so it is convenient for many tourists.

What is the best month to visit Qatar?

The best month to visit Qatar is in March and November as the weather will be perfect during these months.

What is Qatar famous for?

Qatar is famous for hosting the World Cup 2022, and it has a big amount of natural gas and petroleum.

Why is The Pearl in Qatar famous?

Pearl Qatar is famous for its amazing architecture, besides its restaurants and boutiques that have a great look.