Things to do in Zamalek

Things to do in Zamalek

Things to do in Zamalek

Zamalek is one of the most amazing districts since there are many things to do in Zamalek. In addition, it is characterized by its view overlooking the Nile River. Moreover, Zamalek has many cultural places to experience and also many restaurants and café to enjoy tasting various types of dishes. Besides, in many places, there are reasons for the kids to enjoy their time. So, we will tell you more about Zamalek and the things to do in Zamalek.

Things to do in Zamalek

There are many things to do in Zamalek that you will enjoy your time with your friends, family or even your kids such as:

1- Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Egypt, which is located in the Zamalek neighborhood. It is also located at a high altitude of 187 meters. In addition, it consists of 62 floors and takes the shape of a modern lotus flower. In addition, it includes a lot of service and entertainment facilities, where you can enjoy the view while eating the most delicious Egyptian food or any other dishes. You can visit more than one floor at the same time, as each floor has its own character. You should also not miss the opportunity to climb to the top of the tower and watch Egypt from the top with a telescope.

2- Aisha Fahmy Palace

Aisha Fahmy Palace

Aisha Fahmy Palace is one of the best places to visit in Zamalek, as its design is elegant and distinctive. Also, its building dates back to the Mamluk era, but it was restored and was closed for 15 years and opened soon. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy seeing the most amazing royal and historical holdings. In addition to its architectural design and decorations that decorate it.

3- The Egyptian Opera House

Things to do in Zamalek

If you are a fan of opera, culture, and art, you should visit the Egyptian Opera House, which is located in Al-Opera Square in Zamalek. There you will enjoy fine taste and fine art. In addition, it is built on the Islamic architectural style, which is characterized by accuracy and creativity. Therefore, you will enjoy the performing arts and the dazzling sounds, in addition to the building’s antiquity and unique design. In addition, you can attend cultural seminars and eat famous Egyptian meals. You can find out about upcoming concerts from the opera’s official website.

4- Abdel Moneim El Sawy Culturewheel

Known as the El-Sawy Culture Wheel, it was established in 2003 and is a cultural and artistic center. Many visitors come to it, as poetry and cultural concerts and seminars are held there. It is one of the best places in Zamalek that you should include in the list of places that you must visit in Zamalek. Moreover, you must take many souvenir photos of this unparalleled cultural evening. So, it is one of the best things to do in Zamalek as you will never forget this great experience.

5- Aquarium Grotto Garden

Aquarium Grotto Garden is one of the charming areas in Zamalek. It also takes many forms and small caves. It is characterized by the presence of many different fish. You can first enjoy the explanation of how the names are lived and then move on to enjoy viewing the rest of the park. As a result of the beauty of the scenery, a large number of directors resorted to filming there.

6-Andalus Park

Andalus Park is one of the most beautiful and picturesque gardens in which the family can enjoy their time. It also suits all types of outings as well as ages and tastes. In addition to the presence of games for children and shaded places to enjoy the beautiful nature. It also requires a nominal entry fee. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy charming nature and beautiful tranquillity.

7- Nile City, Zamalek

You can also enjoy a unique experience by riding the Nile City floating boat. It is one of the most famous places for families to go out to enjoy nature and the Nile River. In addition, you can eat in the best delicious restaurants. In addition, it is one of the giant floating boats, which includes many restaurants and cafes, such as Casino and Chilies. You can also attend parties and evening parties, or hold yourself a birthday party for an occasion and enjoy the picturesque Nile atmosphere.

Roof Top, Zamalek

As we mentioned before, there are many restaurants in different forms, floating and others, and the most famous of these restaurants is Rooftop Zamalek. It has an elevated view of the Nile and a classic, elegant and distinctive atmosphere. In addition, you can enjoy the natural scenery while eating the most delicious types of special food, to the charming melodies of the music.

8- River Café Zamalek

There are more than one floating boats that you can enjoy, and one of the best of these floating boats is the River Café Zamalek boat. It also features a classic as well as a modern design, which makes many visitors prefer it. Therefore, you can enjoy the most delicious foods in addition to enjoying nature and tranquillity. It also fits families and couples as well.

In conclusion, Zamalek is one of the most famous and astonishing places to visit as there are many things to do in Zamalek. Besides, there are many places to go for lunch and dinner while enjoying nature as well. Many places there are suitable for your kids and their entertainment. So, don’t miss this chance to get a new amazing experience in Zamalek.


Is Zamalek worth a visit?

Zamalek is definitely worth the visit since it has a lot of things to do and it’s suitable for couples, friends, family, and also kids.

Is Zamalek walkable?

Zamalek is one of the best places where you can enjoy walking without any disturbance. You can also enjoy the green nature around the houses.

Where can I walk in Zamalek?

The amazing green trees will allow you to walk especially along Cornish Nile on Abu El Feda Street. So, you will enjoy nature and the view of the Nile River and the green trees everywhere.