List of cities in Egypt

List of cities in Egypt

List of cities in Egypt

Egypt is one of the largest cities in the Arab world, besides it is the most populated country among the Arab cities, it has many cities that we will tell you the list of cities in Egypt. Besides, there are many cities that you must visit in Egypt to enjoy the ancient Egyptian civilization. Besides, nature and coastal cities are full of adventure with perfect weather. So, let’s talk about the list of cities in Egypt.

List of cities in Egypt

Egypt has 28 governorates, and also each one has many cities in each governorate. The governorates such as:

  1. Cairo Governorate.
  2. Giza Governorate.
  3. Alexandria Governorate.
  4. Dakahlia Governorate.
  5. Sharkiya Governorate.
  6. Menoufia Governorate.
  7. Qalyubia Governorate.
  8. Al Buhaira Governorate.
  9. Gharbeya Governorate.
  10. Port Said Governorate.
  11. Damietta Governorate.
  12. Ismailia Governorate.
  13. Suez Governorate.
  14. Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.
  15. Fayoum Governorate.
  16. Bani Sweif Governorate.
  17. Matrouh Governorate.
  18. North Sinai Governorate.
  19. South of Sinai Governorate.
  20. Minya Governorate.
  21. Asyut Governorate.
  22. Sohag Governorate.
  23. Qena Governorate.
  24. The Red Sea Governorate.
  25. Luxor Governorate.
  26. Aswan Governorate.
  27. Oases Governorate.
  28. The new Valley Governorate.

List of cities in ancient Egypt

Egypt is full of old cities that were inhabited during ancient Egyptian history, Ancient cities in Egypt such as:

Abydos city

Abydos is one of the ancient Egyptian cities, but nowadays it is called Al Balyana in Sohag Governorate.


It is the capital of Egypt for many years and till now been Cairo city.

Manf (Memphis)

Memphis was the capital of Egypt and also one of the main ancient Egypt. and also Nowadays, it is called “Mit rahina” in the south of Giza city.


Taiba is Luxor which was the capital of Upper Egypt for a long time, due to the large number of monuments it contains.


It is an ancient Egyptian city that is called now Amarna in the Minya governorate.


It is one of the great cities of Ancient Egypt, but nowadays it is in Helwan Governorate.


It is a famous Egyptian old country. besides, it was located in Al-Gharbeya city. Besides, it was one of the famous cities in old Egypt

List of cities in Egypt map

List of cities in Egypt

List of major cities in Egypt

There are many cities in Egypt with an area that exceeds 100,000 m2 such as:

  1. New Valley is one of the largest cities in Egypt because its area is 376,505 m2
  2. Matrouh is the second largest city in Egypt, due to its area is 166,563 m2
  3. The Red Sea is also one of the major cities in Egypt 135,000 m2

List of the best cities in Egypt

Egypt has many cities that have a lot of interesting things to do and visit, this is the list of cities to visit in Egypt such as:

Giza city:

The Great Pyramids are the main destination for millions of tourists from all over the world and also internal tourists. In addition, it has been in good condition till 4500 years old, besides its mysterious conditions about the building and the rooms. Not only that but there are many museums that have many monuments from the Egyptian pharaonic civilization. It is one of the most important cities that you have to visit in Egypt.

Luxor city:

Luxor has a third of the world’s monuments, so it is really worth the visit, as you will enjoy the nature and Nile River with its great history. Besides, ancient history is represented in the temples such as the Luxor temple and many other monuments. So, you will never regret visiting Luxor

Aswan city:

Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, it is next to Luxor, so you can make a Nile cruise. So, it will be an amazing adventure as you will feel the fragrance of history.

Hurghada city:

Hurghada is a coastal city that is characterized by its great weather, especially in winter. Thus, many tourists from each city in the world visit it to enjoy the perfect weather with the finest hotels and services.

Sharm Al-Sheikh city:

Sharm Al-Sheikh is also one of the coastal Cities to see in Egypt located in the Sinai Peninsula. In addition, there are many activities and things to do their the clear water and calm weather.

Cairo City:

Cairo is the capital of Egypt which has many interesting places to visit and also a lot of activities to enjoy. Moreover, there are many great historical places to visit in Cairo.

List of cities in Egypt by population

  • Cairo city is the capital of Egypt, and besides having the highest population which is 9,153,135 people.
  • Giza city is one of the most populated cities in Egypt, so it ranks in the second rank with about 7.830.603 people.   
  • Sharkeya is the third city in Egypt that has a high population which is about 6,698,160 people.
  • Dakahleya also has a population of 6.122.343 people and it ranks as the fourth city in Egypt.
  • Al Buhaira is one of the most populated cities in Egypt which is the fifth city with a population of 6,015.943 people.

List of cities in Egypt with pyramids

Most people think by mistake that there are only three Pyramids in Giza; however, there are more than 100 Pyramids in Egypt. Moreover, it is everywhere in various cities in Egypt. These Pyramids are in the following cities:

Giza Plateau

  • Khufu Pyramid.
  • Khafre Pyramid.
  • Menkawre Pyramid.

Dahshour Pyramids

  • Black Pyramids.

Abu Seer Pyramids

  • Sahure Pyramid.
  • Nefer-er-ka-re (Kakai) Pyramid.
  • Nefer-if-re Pyramid.
  • Ne-user-re Pyramid.

Abu Rawash

  • Djedef re Pyramids


  • Zoser Pyramids.
  • Tety Pyramid.
  • Unas Pyramid.

Fayoum city

  • Hawara Pyramid
  • Allahun Pyramids

List of New cities in Egypt

There are many new cities which is one of the amazing and advanced cities in Egypt such as:

  • The new Administrative Capital.
  • Galala City.
  • Mostakbal City.
  • New Alamein City.
  • The new Ismailia City.
  • New Aswan City.
  • The new Damietta City.
  • New Mansoura City.

In conclusion, Egypt is full of great treasures from ancient history; there are many things to do in Egypt. In addition, you can enjoy the great weather, nature and the history which is about 5000 years old. So, you will never regret visiting Egypt.


What are Egypt main cities?

There are many important cities in Egypt such as Cairo, Giza, Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan.

Where do rich people live in Egypt?

Most of the rich people in Egypt live in the Zamalek district which is considered the best area to stay in Egypt.

What are the 28 governorates of Egypt?

Egypt has 28 governorates which are Cairo Governorate, Giza Governorate, Alexandria Governorate, Dakahlia Governorate, Sharkiya Governorate, Menoufia Governorate, Qalyubia Governorate, Al Buhaira Governorate, Gharbeya Governorate, Port Said Governorate, Damietta Governorate, Ismailia Governorate, Suez Governorate, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Fayoum Governorate, Bani Sweif Governorate, Matrouh Governorate, North Sinai Governorate, South of Sinai Governorate, Minya Governorate, Asyut Governorate, Sohag Governorate, Qena Governorate, The Red Sea Governorate, Luxor Governorate, Aswan Governorate, Oases Governorate, and the new Valley Governorate.