List of cities in Cairo

List of cities in Cairo

List of cities in Cairo

Cairo governorate in Egypt I is the main capital since the old ages It was called “Iuon” in the pre-dynastic ages after king Mina union Upper and lower Egypt, and many tried to conquer it, however Cairo or “Al-Qahera” stayed with strong borders and great history and civilization, we will tell you the list of cities in Cairo.

Egypt is one of the most affected countries in the Arab world because it has proved its role in settling the conflicts in many areas in The Arab countries. So, If you are planning to visit Cairo in Egypt, we will tell you everything you need to know about the list of cities and districts in Cairo.

The foundation of Cairo

The Islamic conquest of Cairo was for the first time by Amr ibn al-Aas during the Islamic conquest. While Cairo was established in 969 AD by the leader Jawhar al-Siqilli by order of the Fatimid Caliph al-Muizz Li-Din Allah.

The Location of Cairo

The location of Cairo is on the eastern bank of the Nile in North Africa, bordered to the east and south by the Eastern Desert, to the north by Qalyubia Governorate, and from the west by Giza Governorate, as well as the Nile River and Giza Governorate.

List of names of Cairo over the ages

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has been called many names, such as:


Jawhar al-Siqilli called Egypt al-Mansuriya in reference to the city of al-Mansurah because it was named after alMuizz’s father. As almansuriya was established by the father of al-Muizz Li Din Allah.


When Al-Mu’izz Li Din Allah came to Egypt, he called it Al-Qahira, and Cairo’s meaning is that it defeats those who try to invade it. Al-Muizz also meant that it would defeat the enemies of the Fatimid state, especially the Abbasids.

Other names for Cairo:

There were many names for Egypt such as:

  • Guarded Egypt.
  • Al-Moez Cairo.
  • The city of a thousand minarets
  • The jewel of the east.

Cairo language

The main language of Cairo is the same as all of Egypt and also the Arab world which is the Arabic language.

Cairo population

Cairo governorate is the most populated country in Africa and also the near east as its population in 2022 is 21.8 million people. Moreover, Cairo ranks 27th rank in the list of the most populated cities all over the world.

Ancient Egyptian cities (List of cities in Cairo)

List of cities in Cairo

As we mentioned, Cairo has gone through many eras that contributed to the establishment of Cairo, establishing its landmarks and also developing it through the ages and civilizations. In addition, in the times of ancient Egypt, the first beginning of recent Cairo on the western bank of the Nile was in the year 4225 BC. When Mina united the two countries (Delta and Upper Egypt).

Cairo was called “Awon”, as it was the capital of Egypt in the pre-dynastic era and when Mina united the two countries. Besides, the location of city of “Awon currently” is located in the district of El Matareya and Ain Shams currently. Then in the Coptic era, it was called “Ono”, which means the horizon of the sun. Then the Greeks named it “Heliopolis”, which means the city of the sun.

List of cities in Cairo Egypt

List of Cities in Cairo

Cairo Governorate is divided into four main regions and the main list of cities in Cairo:

List of cities in the Eastern Province:

It includes 9 neighborhoods; these are the Names of cities in Cairo such as:

  1. El Salam first.
  2. El Salam second.
  3. El Marg, Ain Shams.
  4. El Matareya.
  5. Heliopolis.
  6. El Nozha.
  7. West of Nasr City.
  8. East of Nasr City.

List of cities in the Western Region:

It includes 9 neighborhoods such as:

  1. Al-Waili.
  2. Bab Al-Sharia.
  3. Manshaat Nasser.
  4. Abdeen.
  5. Al-Mosky.
  6. Al-Azbeka.
  7. Bulaq.
  8. Wasat.


List of cities in the northern area:

It includes 8 neighborhoods such as:

  1. Al-Zaytoun.
  2. Hadayek Al-Kobba.
  3. Al-Amiriya.
  4. Al-Zawiya Al-Hamra.
  5. Al-Sharrabeya.
  6. Al-Sahel.
  7. Shubra.
  8. Rod Al-Faraj.

List of cities in the southern region:

It includes 11 neighborhoods such as:

  1. Al-Sayeda Zainab.
  2. Old Cairo.
  3. Al-Khalifa.
  4. Mokattam.
  5. Al-Basateen.
  6. Dar Al-Salaam.
  7. Maadi.
  8. Tura.
  9. Helwan.
  10. Al-Tebbin.
  11. May 15th.

New cities in Cairo

  1. 10th Ramadan city.
  2. Sadat City.
  3. 15 May city.
  4. 6th October city.
  5. Zayed.
  6. New Cairo.
  7. Shrouk.
  8. Badr.
  9. Obour.
  10. New Nubaria.
  11. New Salhia.

Major cities in Cairo Egypt

New Cairo is the Biggest city in Cairo Governorate and also it consists of high-end residential compounds. And also, includes The first assembly, the third assembly, and the fifth assembly. It is also located in the east of Cairo.

Cities in Egypt

Egypt has 28 governorates which are divided into seven provinces and 28 governorates as the following

Provinces of Egypt

Greater Cairo Region, Alexandria, Delta region, canal territory, North Upper Egypt, Southern Upper Egypt, and also Middle OF Upper Egypt.

Governorates of Egypt

While the cities of Egypt include the following governorates: Cairo Governorate, Giza Governorate, Alexandria Governorate, Dakahlia Governorate, Sharkiya Governorate, Menoufia Governorate, Qalyubia Governorate, Al Buhaira Governorate, Gharbeya Governorate, Port Said Governorate, Damietta Governorate, Ismailia Governorate, Suez Governorate, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, Fayoum Governorate, Bani Sweif Governorate, Matrouh Governorate, North Sinai Governorate, South of Sinai Governorate, Minya Governorate, Asyut Governorate, Sohag Governorate, Qena Governorate, The Red Sea Governorate, Luxor Governorate, Aswan Governorate, Oases Governorate, and the new Valley Governorate.

Cities in Egypt map

List of cities in Cairo

List of cities in Egypt by population

  1. Cairo is the most populated city in Egypt with a population of about 9,504,025 people. 
  2. Giza city is the second city with a population of about 7.830.603 people.   
  3. Sharkeya is the third most populated city with 6,698,160 people.
  4. Dakahleya is the fourth city with a population of 6.122.343 people.
  5. Al Buhaira is the fifth city with a population of 6,015.943 people.

Famous cities in Egypt

There are many famous cities in Egypt. This is a List of cities in Cairo such as:

Cairo city:

It is the main capital of Egypt. Besides, being the biggest population of all Egypt countries.

Giza city:

It is one of the Best cities to see in Cairo because it has the Great Pyramids which are 4500 years old. Besides, other famous Museums include a lot of treatures on the Egyptian pharaonic civilization.

Hurghada city:

Hurghada is a coastal city with beautiful landscapes and also clear waters. It also has a lot of resorts. One of its most important features is the wonderful weather, so many tourists from Europe come to it, especially in winter.

Sharm Al-Sheikh city:

Sharm Al-Sheikh has a lot of similarities with Hurghada as it has great nature, weather, and also the finest hotels. Besides, the natural Reserves. And also their many activities to do such as swimming or diving or other sports.

Luxor city:

It has a third of the world’s monuments that you should visit and enjoy the temples while taking a cruise in the Nile River. Besides, the amazing mix between nature and history in Luxor.

Aswan city:

It’s near Luxor and you can enjoy the temples there as well as the fascinating nature of Aswan.

In conclusion, Cairo is one of the most famous cities in the Arab world, it has many important Arab organizations. It is one of the most important capitals that have witnessed great historical events. In addition, Cairo has a lot of the ancient Egyptian civilization that many tourists come to visit from each place in the world. So, don’t hesitate to visit Cairo.


Are Cairo and Giza the same?

Cairo is a governorate and the capital of Egypt, while Giza is another governorate in the west of Cairo. However, both of them were included in “Cairo Metropolis”

How far are the pyramids from Cairo?

The great Pyramids of Giza are about 11 miles southwest of Cairo, the Pyramids are in Giza governorate which is in the west of Cairo.

How many districts are in Cairo?

Cairo has 37 districts.