Dubai Mall Best places to visit in the Middle East

Dubai mall: History, Aquarium, Cinema, Restaurants, and Shops

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is one of the main destinations that thousands of tourists visit every day. United Arab of Emirates had proven its tourism importance among other Arab countries it has many valuable landmarks that attract many foreign and Arab tourists.

United Arab of Emirates has seven Emirates which are Dubai Emirate, Abu Dhabi Emirate, Sharjah Emirate,  Ajman Emirate, Ras Al-Khaima Emirate, Al-Fujeira Emirate, and Om Al-Quween Emirate. Every emirate has its unique features and places that tourists visit.

Dubai has major tourist destinations such as Palm Jumeirah island, Miracle Garden, Ski Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Jumeira beach, the dancing fountain, and Global Village. However, the malls are the main shopping target for many visitors as there are many malls that have a variety of products besides brands.

We will inform you in this article all you need to know about Dubai Mall.

History of Dubai Mall

There are many construction companies in Dubai, but Emaar is the best construction company that has made many distinguished projects in Dubai. Emaar Company is the main builder of the Mall. The construction workers are of different nationalities such as Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, and Sri Lankan.

It was first opened on 4th Nov 2008 with only about 600 stores only.

The mall is very wide that you must follow the map in order not to lose your way to your destination. Besides, the map will help you find you best restaurants or stores to enjoy.

You can check the Dubai mall map

Mall timings

The mall is open all days of the week from 8 a.m. till 12 a.m. while on the weekends Fridays and Saturdays it closes at 1 a.m. So don’t hesitate to visit it and enjoy many amazing sites such as Burj Khalifa or the aquarium.

Mall location

The exact address is Financial Center Street, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Burj Khalifa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Mall area

The mall is about 13 million square feet which are equal to a 50 football playground.

Dubai mall aquarium

Dubai Aquaruim

Dubai Aquarium was opened also in 2008 besides; it is the largest aquarium with a capacity of ten million liters of water. Not only that, you will see there are many types of amazing fish and other sea creatures, where there are more than 140 species of sea creatures. In addition, you can also wander inside a glass tunnel and enjoy the fish around you. The length of the tunnel is about 48 meters. Not only does the fun end there, but you can also dive with sharks.

Dubai mall cinema

The Dubai Mall cinema is one of the best cinemas, as it has many films that you can choose from them. In addition to the possibility of booking the ticket online without the need to wait in front of the ticket reservation window, which makes it easier for you.

Not only that, where there is Reel cinema Dubai mall, which has a lot of the latest means and technology that makes you feel in the heart of the movie with the latest clarity and very high quality. Of course, watching movies is not fun without popcorn, so there are many flavors of popcorn that you can enjoy while watching your favorite movie.

Dubai mall restaurants

Dubai mall restaurants

You will find all the world dishes in the Dubai mall’s food court where you can find Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Egyptian, Asian, Mexican, Morrocan, and Gulf dishes. Besides, there are all the famous fast food restaurants. We will mention some of them such as:

Al Baik Dubai mall

It is one of the famous restaurants in the mall which has delicious Syrian dishes. Al Baik Dubai mall menu has various meals that you will love it.

Pasha Restaurant

You can enjoy Turkish dishes in Pasha Restaurant in the mall. Besides, it has various desserts and sweets.

OFK Dubai mall

It has many unbelievable dishes that have an amazing taste such as roasted chicken or pasta in various shapes. Besides, there are different fish types.

Huqqa Dubai mall

It is a unique restaurant as it has a different astonishing atmosphere due to its overlooking the fountain. So you can enjoy your dinner or drinks or even hookah.

Cheesecake factory Dubai mall

It is one of the dream places for sweets lovers. It has very delicious and unbelievable sweets that you will never taste again anywhere.

Red lobster restaurant

You can also enjoy seafood at the red lobster restaurant and enjoy different fantastic dishes.

Dubai mall shops

The mall has more than 1200 shopping stores in various fields such as beauty, clothes, devices, electronics, toys, food, skincare, healthcare devices, Sports devices…etc. This shop has many brands Arabic brands, Arabic stores or foreign brands, and luxury brands. We will mention some of them such as:

Sephora Dubai mall

If you dream of shopping for various brands of makeup, then Sephora is the best destination where you will find experienced sales that know the best makeup that suits your skin type and tone. Don’t miss this chance.

Zara Dubai mall

Dubai mall Zara is one of the best clothes brands that many seek to wear, so don’t miss this chance and visit Dubai mall and reach all your dreams in one place.

Dubai mall apple store

Apple store Dubai mall is one of the main destinations for many apple buyers as it has many luxury editions of Apple devices that many businessmen visit to shop for their devices and laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

Dubai mall med clinic

This is one of the best features of Dubai that there is a clinic for any emergency that happens everywhere. So, there is a med clinic which is open from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. except for Fridays till 6 p.m.

Dubai mall online shopping

Sometimes you will be in a hurry on your trip to Dubai, maybe you will need to make online shopping. Never mind as there are many facilitate everything for you just you can use the Dubai mall app to purchase whatever you want online and it will reach your place.

Other malls in Dubai

There are many malls where you can check the nearest mall to your hotel or residence and enjoy visiting it. They are many such as:

  • Outlet mall.
  • China mall.
  • Marina mall.
  • Oasis mall.
  • Dragon mart Dubai.
  • Festival city mall.
  • Hills mall.

In conclusion, It has many advantages that you must visit. You may also meet Arab celebrities that most of them like to go shopping in as it has many luxury brands that they admire most. Then you can take photos with them and enjoy your shopping or dining there.