Sousse Tunisia

Sousse Tunisia

Sousse Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the amazing Arab countries that has many fascinating cities and places to visit; Sousse Tunisia is one of the most famous tourist cities. It has great nature overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, besides its historical sites. This great city is on the list of World Heritage Sites. We will tell you in this article all you want to know about this magic city.

Sousse Tunisia

Sousse is the capital of the Sousse governorate which is one of the governorates of Tunisia country. The Phoenicians founded the city of Susa in the first millennium BC. It has many names before the name of Sousse, where it was called “Hadhramaut” in relation to the great similarity between its coasts and the coasts of the city of Hadhramaut in Yemen. Then the Romans occupied it and named it “Justina” after Emperor Justin I. In the end, the Muslims called it “Sousse”, which spread to more than one country in North Africa. Where there is Sousse in Morocco and Sousse in Libya. It was and still is an unparalleled industrial, commercial, and tourist center, as it has a major role in culture until the present time. Besides, it is also called “The jewel of the coast”

Sousse Tunisia map

Its location is in the middle of Tunisia’s coast and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea about 140 m south of the capital.

It is bordered to the north by the capital Tunisia, to the south by the city of Monastir and the city of Mahdia, to the west by the city of Kairouan, and to the east by the Mediterranean Sea.

Sousse Tunisia weather

Weather Sousse Tunisia is affected by the Mediterranean climate, as it is hot and dry in summer; it may reach a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius, while in winter the rate of rainfall may reach 10 degrees Celsius, which exposes it to the risk of frost. In Sousse, Tunisia’s weather in September is characterized by the beginning of autumn and the end of summer.

Sousse Tunisia airport

There is no Sousse airport, however, there are other near airports such as:

Monastir Airport (MIR), is 12.6 km from it.

Enfidha Airport (NBE), is 33.1 km from it.

Tunis Airport (TUN), is 119.7 km from it.

So, you can choose the nearest airport with the prices that suit your budget.

Hotels in Sousse Tunisia

Sousse Tunisia Hotels

There are many Sousse Tunisia hotels that have a variety of categories and services. The best hotels are such as:

  • Movenpick Hotel
  • Hannibal Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Marhaba beach Hotel.
  • Sousse Pearl Marriott resort and spa.

Restaurants in Sousse Tunisia

There are many kinds and cuisines such as Mediterranean food, Italian Cuisine, European food, Asian food besides Arab food. The most famous restaurants are such as:

  • Escargot restaurant.
  • Slass restaurant.
  • Hard rock café.
  • Sousse palace Hotel.
  • Restaurant du Peuple.
  • Lido Restaurant.

Sousse tourism

Historical site

Tunisia has various astonishing beaches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It attracts many tourists from all over the world to enjoy its nature and beautiful sites such as:

Sousse museum Tunisia

The museum is located in the ancient city of Sousse, which is on the list of World Heritage Sites. The museum was founded in 1951 and contains many mosaics, which are the most beautiful and perfect works. Therefore, you must visit this museum and enjoy these mosaics.

Sousse beach Tunisia

Tourism sports at the beach

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea has made Sousse has a variety in nature and beaches. The most famous beaches are such as:

Bou Jaafar Beach

It is one of Sousse’s largest beaches which has charming nature and an amazing climate that many tourists come to enjoy it. In addition, you can enjoy playing many sea sports like skating and snorkeling besides hunting.

Samara Beach

Sousse Tunisia beaches

Samara beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia. You must visit it and enjoy the soft sand, beach waves, and clear water. In addition, this beach has many entertainment methods.

Las Vegas beach

Las Vegas Beach is one of the beautiful beaches where you can enjoy relaxation and nature. You can also participate in running and swimming competitions. In addition, it is characterized by the clarity of its waters, which enables you to see the shells while you are on the boat.

Maryam Sousse beach

This beach is characterized by the softness of the sand, which enables you to enjoy walking among the charming nature, as well as green spaces, which give you a wonderful sense of relaxation.

What to do in Sousse Tunisia

Sousse Tunisia things to do are many as it is full of a lot of fantastic places and activities that you have to try, such as:

Markets in Sousse Tunisia

There are many markets where you can enjoy shopping and purchasing souvenirs that would remind you of these memories. These markets such as:

  • Sunday market in Sousse – Weekly market.
  • Souk de Sousse.
  • Souk du dimanche Lahad.

Sousse nightlife

The nightlife in Sousse is vibrant and full of fantastic atmosphere where you can visit the nightclubs or the café. There are many nightclubs that show Tunisian traditions and cultures such as Tej Marhaba Hotel, Bora Bora, Platinum Metallica, and Red Iguana.

Day trips from Sousse Tunisia

You can enjoy a day trip to the nearest important cities like a day trip to Tunisia city the capital. In addition, you can visit Carthage. And also a day trip from Sousse to Sidi Bou.

Sousse port Tunisia

You must also visit Sousse port Tunisia where you will see many ships. It was established in 1982 as a commercial and governmental port which has made it a valuable trade center.

Accommodation in Sousse

You can get accommodation in different hotels that we have mentioned. Otherwise, you can get rentals and homes from Airbnb Sousse Tunisia. Besides, if you are looking to settle there you can also get houses for sale in Sousse Tunisia via Airbnb.

Is Sousse Tunisia Safe?

Sousse Tunisia safety is high as about 6000,000 tourists from all over the world visit it each year to enjoy its nature and beaches.

In conclusion, Sousse Tunisia is one of the Arab cities that is worth the visit as you will enjoy it a lot. There are many things to do as we have mentioned including the tourist sites and the charming nature of the sea and the soft sands. Do not hesitate to visit it and take many souvenirs and memorable photos.