Casablanca city Morocco

Casablanca city Morocco

Casablanca city Morocco

Casablanca city Morocco is one of the most important cities in the Arab world that has many cultures in the same city. It has passed through many civilizations that influenced it and left many traces in Casablanca. Besides, Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco, and also it is one of the main economic centers in Africa however Rebat is the Capital of Morocco. Casablanca is also a city with a large number of foreigners of various nationalities such as the Spaniards and the French.

Let’s learn more about Casablanca city Morocco, and how it was established.

Do you know how Casablanca was established?

The Berbers built many cities on the coasts of the Mediterranean, and they were called Mauretania, but then it was divided into two kingdoms, one of which is present-day Mauritania and the other Morocco. So, they built it in 768 A.D. and called it “Anfa”.

Casablanca meaning

The name Casablanca goes back to the Spanish, as it means Casablanca in Arabic because of the presence of a white house that helps Portuguese sailors know their destination.

What is the geographical location of Casablanca city Morocco?

The city of Casablanca is located in the center of western Morocco, about 95 km south of the administrative capital, Rabat, on the Atlantic coast.

City map Casablanca Morocco

This is the Casablanca Morocco map:

Casablanca city Morocco


North: Zaer country plateau.

Northwest: The Atlantic Ocean

East: Bin Suleiman plateau.

The area:

It covers an area of 384 km² as it is the largest city in Morocco. While Morocco’s next-largest city after Casablanca is Fes.

The weather of Casablanca city Morocco

The climate is the Mediterranean climate, with dry and warm summers and also wet and cool winters.

The winter season in Casablanca

The highest temperature is 66°F while the average low is 49°F, and the coldest month is January.

The summer is warm and mostly clear, and also the temperature average is from 49°F to 79°F.

The currency of Casablanca city Morocco

The main currency of Casablanca is the Moroccan Dirham.

The national language of Casablanca city Morocco

Morocco contains many nationalities, but the two official languages are the Amazigh language and the Arabic language. The French language is also widely spread in the Kingdom of Morocco as a result of its influence on the French occupation in the past, followed by the Spanish language.

Casablanca Traditional food

Traditional Moroccan food

The most famous traditional meals in Morocco are the tagine of meat with vegetables, the roasted chicken dish, the pastilla dish, the fish tagine mixed with vegetables, the couscous meal, and the chicken buried sahfa.

Casablanca clothing

The traditional dress for women is the Moroccan caftan, which is one of the symbols of a culture known to women in Morocco. While the men wear a djellaba, which is a long dress with a fez on the head.

What are the kinds of transportation available in Casablanca city Morocco?

Casablanca Morocco port-min

There are many kinds of transportation in Casablanca that you can use inside the city and also between cities in Morocco such as:

  • Casabus
  • Casa Tram
  • Casablanca Shuttle
  • Morocco Private Driver
  • Taxi

What is the main airport of Casablanca?

Mohammed V International Airport IATA code CMN.

Population of Casablanca city Morocco

The population of Casablanca is 36,795,000 people, according to the latest census on December 1, 2022.

Things to do in Casablanca

There are many things to do in Casablanca as it has many historical tourist places. In addition, you can take a trip by train or bus to other Moroccan cities. The most interesting things to do are such as:

Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca Mosque

This mosque is considered the largest mosque in Africa and it is an ancient mosque. You must visit it to enjoy it and its architecture. Its minaret is also one of the tallest minarets, with a height of about 210 m.

Old Medina of Casablanca

You will really enjoy the old city of Casablanca as it is on the ruins of the ancient city of Anfa. Where the city of Anfa played an important role in Morocco, as Anfa was a port for Morocco previously for sea fishing.

Royal Palace of Casablanca

If you like old architecture and its nobility, do not miss visiting the royal palace in Casablanca, which the king established to stay there when visiting the city. Moreover, the palace has distinctive Islamic architecture. So, You can enjoy its walls, stroll in its gardens, and take souvenir photos.

Trip from Casablanca to Chefchaouen

It is called the Blue City in Morocco, whether you live in the city, and the distance between Chefchaouen and Casablanca is 339 km, and the travel time is 4 hours and 40 minutes. Besides, It is one of the ironic cities that you can visit by train or trolley from Casablanca.

Trip from Casablanca to Marrakech

Do not limit your visit to Casablanca only, as you can use the train to go to Marrakesh. This is an opportunity to visit the Red City. It is also the third largest city in Morocco.

Best hotels in Casablanca

  • Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca
  • Novotel Casablanca city center Casablanca Morocco
  • Imperial Casablanca Hotel & Spa
  • Radisson blue hotel Casablanca city center Casablanca Morocco

In conclusion, Casablanca is one of the most important trade centers besides being a great city with great history. In addition, there are many important places you must visit in Morocco to enjoy a different culture.


Is Casablanca worth visiting?

Casablanca is worth visiting but you must make a trip to more than one city in Morocco such as Marrakesh and Chefchaouen to enjoy many different cultures.

What do Morocco people speak?

The Arabic language is the official language in Morocco besides other languages such as French and Spain.

Is Casablanca still French?

The French occupied the city in 1907, however, it got its independence in 1965. And the French language is still used in many places in Morocco.

What is Casablanca known for?

Casablanca is the main port of Morocco, as it is one of the largest artificial ports in the world and the second-largest port in North Africa.

What is the ethnicity of Casablanca?

Its major ethnic is 44% Arabs, 24% Arabized Berbers, 21% Berbers, and 1% Other.

Are Moroccans Arabs or Africans?

Moroccans are Arabs and Africans as well. It is located in Africa continent.